I download each of the main characters and occasionally ones that aren’t.  Some of my Sims have been removed, but some are still there.  I have also built some houses and venues for my stories.  I’ve put them on the Exchange as well.  I figured I should probably list them  here in case anyone wanted them for their own stories.

Candice Fields

Candice is the 7th generation Evil heiress.

She likes Turquoise, Indie, and Pancakes.

Her traits are Evil, Athletic, Eccentric, Perfectionist, Ambitious.

Jeri Fields

Jeri is the 6th generation family/actress heiress.

She likes Irish Green, Egyptian, and Autumn Salad

Her traits are star quality, family oriented, dramatic, virtuoso, charismatic.

Mickey Fields

Mickey is the 5th generation musician heir.

He likes Irish Green, Chinese, and Fruit Parfait.

His traits are virtuoso, charismatic, artistic, flirty, party animal.

Kara Fields

Kara is the 4th generation Artist heiress.

She likes Gray, Egyptian, and Autumn Salad.

Her traits are Artistic, Savvy Sculptor, Over Emotional, Hates Outdoors, Perfectionist.

Shawn McMahon

Shawn was a babysitter when Kara met him.  However, I edited him so that he’d have the traits I wanted and a less “face1” sort of look.  He was my favorite Fields spouse so far.

His traits are Family-Oriented, Charismatic, Eccentric, Virtuoso, Artistic and he likes black, kids music, and pancakes.

Shelby Tragedy

Shelby was the child of Eddy Tragedy of the Tragedy Legacy and Samantha Fields.  She was instrumental in the downfall of Jack Osborn in both the Fields and Tragedy Legacies.

Her traits are Never Nude, Neat, Friendly, Commitment Issues, Neurotic and she likes Yellow, Pop, and Fish ‘n Chips.

Jack Osborne

Kindra Fields

Vampire House

I designed this house for Candice Fields and her vampire family.  My favorite part of it is the subterranean pool and spa in the basement.  The house was designed for Barnacle Bay and is 30X40.  It has a lot of store and expansion content but nothing custom.

Vampire Haven

The Vampire Haven is a night club I designed for Barnacle Bay.  I didn’t want to use the pre-designed one because I wanted to try the circular stairs from Generations in the design.  This is on 30X40 lot and has a lot of store and expansion content but nothing custom.

Juice and Jive

This watering hole has everything from a place to set up your band to a dance floor.  There’s a wonderful juice bar with intimate tables for two all around.  On the lower level, there are darts, foosball, books, televisions and computers–anything your sim might want to do while hanging out after school.  So this place is one for all ages.  The lot is 20X30 and has store items and expansions, but no custom content.

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  1. Re-reading everything again, on Sasha now. I love her looks, are you planning on making her available?

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