Points and Objectives

Generation Ten

Generation Ten

“Playing cops and robbers as a kid, I always wanted to kick bad-guy butt.”

You always wanted to take out the bad in this world. And no matter what you’d try your hardest to prevail over the evil in your town. That was your motto anyway and thus is why you trained yourself so as to be great at what you do. You got married early and had kids shortly after that so when you became an adult you were already settled down.

-Join Law Enforcement as adult. Joined and quit
-Max Logic skill Complete
-Try Maxing out Painting skill (only when child/teen) didn’t try
-Try Max Athletic skill (only when teen/young adult) didn’t try
-Become best friends with your work partner
-Have a kid or two while a young adult
-Marry someone when young adult

-Have a best friend forever as a teen
-Have at least two friends. Complete
-Have a fight with a burglar and win. Complete

10.5 (Ambitions needed)
Become a Private Investigator Complete
Snoop out 10 locations Complete
Write 5 papers of your findings Complete
Reach level 10 of PI Complete
Get key to the city Complete
Have baby Complete

Snoop around and follow the sim of your dreams for a day or two (it’s not stalking, its called investigating)
Go through at least 5 garbages Complete
Don’t marry until Adult stage Complete
Adopt a kid.

Generation Nine

Generation Nine

“There was always hidden attractions for those who worked honest jobs.”

Ever since you were little you had a fascination with the people whom worked hard for the good of the people. You couldn’t help but want to marry someone that had those traits and pass them onto your own kids.

-Woohoo a Service sim (fireman,bugler, maid, policeman ect.) Complete, but I did “make” Jake, so he wasn’t necessarily a “service” sim.
-Have a Child with service sim If you count using cheats to blend Jake’s DNA with GC’s.
-Get a child with a hidden trait (http://www.carls-sims-3-guide.com/trait

s/hidden-trait-list.php) Complete, but the trait came from GC being a fireman. Sasha can also apprehend burgler
-Kick out a kid after his birthday in becoming a young adult I just couldn’t do it.
-Have part-time job throughout life  Didn’t do this one.

-Marry the service sim GC and Jake got married.

9.5 (Must have ambitions) *Mangakagirl suggestion*

Become a firefighter Complete
Get the key to the city Complete, but didn’t show it
Max Handieness skill Complete
Max athletic skill Complete
Marry serves sim (all of them are able to be used) If you count Jake as a police man even though I made him.
Have a baby (as many as you’d like) Complete

Rescue 5 sims from the blaze Complete
Put out 10 fires Complete
Get hidden trait Complete

Generation Eight

“I won’t end up like you! I won’t I won’t.”

You were their perfect child. And you dislike it, even more so when you realized that your parents were criminals.

-Join and reach level 10 of Political career Complete (except in the story she only gets to Governor)
-Reach max Charisma Complete
-Throw a Campaign Fundraiser every other day. No.  Just no.  Parties bork my game, so I try not to have too many.
– Get at least 10,000 for political funds Complete
-Steal from fund once (you can’t help it, it’s in your blood) Complete.  It won’t be in the story, but I did do it.
-Donate to charity every Saturday. I forgot.
-Get married as adult Complete.  If you count the second marriage.
-Has three babies. Complete

Get into fight with parent. Lila doesn’t know her parent, so this can’t happen.  I figured out how to make this work!  Complete!

Generation Seven

“There is always a bad apple in the bunch.”

There was something about you. You were different then the others. Could it have been you were smothered in too much love from your parents or you were just born that way. Either way, things are going to change around here. For an evil better…

-Join Criminal Career Complete
-Reach level 10 in criminal career Got to lvl 8
-Master Athletic skill Complete
-Master Logic skill Unfinished
-Marry sim. Complete
-Make baby (you want the perfect evil child) Complete
-Befriend child Complete (though not documented)

Befriend 5 sims to best friend (evil genius need minions too)

Generation Six

“I always dreamed of staying home watching the kids.”

You’ve always wanted one of your own. So when you grew old enough you were overjoyed with knowing that you could have children one day. You’d play with your barbies, G.I. Joe, and doll house waiting for the one day to have your own babies.

-Adopt at least one boy and a girl (one being a child) Complete
-Try for twins until you win! Complete
– Teach all toddlers their skills. Complete
-Don’t have social worker come steal the kids Complete
-Attend at least two kids weddings (all if you are adventurous. Or can) Complete

I think it should be an objective to have 10 children. Complete

-Have at least five kids of your own (they grow up so fast) Complete
-Help kids with homework every night Not going to happen.

Optional Route 6.5 (Must have LATE NIGHT!) *NEW*

“You’re parents were famous so you craved to be like them. You wanted to be known for talents.”

Max Writing Complete
Max Charisma Got to 9
Get Level 5 Celebraty status Complete
Reach top of Film career (your pick of actor or director) Complete–actor
Have a kid and get married. Complete

Generation Five

“Though it be not quite from my parents, I learned to play the guitar, and sing simple songs.”

It must be that creative gene, because you were born with a guitar in your hand. You’ve played it ever since you were able to pick it up, not caring if you didn’t strum correctly or even well. But that you knew would get better in time. As it always does.


-Master Guitar skill. Complete
-Get to the top of the Music Branch. Failed
-Have at least three kids Failed
-Get married Complete
-Learn all songs (see optional) Failed

-Master Painting skill (your mama and daddy be proud) Failed
(-Go visit each vacation location to learn all foreign songs if you can) Didn’t attempt

Ambitions/other things noticed Add: (optional)
Additional options:
Get a tattoo. (All rock stars get them) Failed
Have at least 3 signings(you are famous after all) Failed
Play concert at least 10 times (that is what’s going to make you go far) Failed

Gen 5.5 Gen (Requires LATE NIGHT!) NEW*

“I loved watching bands on SimTV and everything. I dreamed to be like them. So I mastered the instruments and tried my luck with hope that my one man band will grow.”

Master Bass Complete
Master Guitar Complete
Master Piano Complete
Master Drums Complete
Have Baby, Find love Complete

Start Band / Name it Complete
Find Three People For Band Complete
Play A gig Complete
Practice For Gig Complete

Generation Four

“The more I find, the more I type, and the more I learn of my parent’s lives.”

Your parents has been everywhere with rich and wonderful stories that were always told to you ever since you (and your siblings [if any] ) were little. This sparked a creative interest in you, filling you with the need to write and paint the beautiful images they spoke about.


-Master Writing skill Complete
-Write at least 10 books.(changed to make easier) Complete
-Master Painting skill Complete
-Paint at over 20 paintings (changed to make easier) Complete
-Marry, woohoo, have kid(s) Complete


-Be best friends with parents (parent) Complete
-Get 10,000 in royalties Failed
-paint your parents pictures,( and grandparents if still alive.) One parent complete
-Paint your children and husband Complete

Gen 4.5 (not possible to do without Ambitions) *suggested by Mangakagirl* & is optional!
Optional Additions:
Learn and master sculpting skill Complete
Make an ice sculpture of your love Complete
Be sure to learn how to use all material types for sculpting Couldn’t get Metal, but I got everything else.
Make at least 5 sculptures. Complete

Generation Three

“my parents always working, I was left alone. So I went on trips (relationship rampages) as I grew old enough.”

Your parents have always seemed to spend more time in the office than home. So you decided to go to different place and see the world outside your own town. Better than remaining at home that was for sure.

Generation Three Objectives:
-Visit all locations Complete
-Gain all visa levels Complete
-Master photography (Gotta have pictures to remember it all!) Failed–I got to 9.  I hate the photography skill.
-Marry a local, have kid, yada yada Complete

-Unlock all tombs. Failed–I didn’t even try.

-Have a vacation home in all locations–I think this should be an option objective for the WA generation.  Complete–I finally Egypt, but I didn’t get it until after Kara’s generation started.

-Master Martial Arts–I think this should be an optional objective for the WA generation.  Complete

Generation Two

“I was expected to be a farmer like my father and siblings. I broke tradition. It was great.”

Life with your hands in the dirt wasn’t the life for you. You always craved to spend your time in the city and always loved when in the inner-city limits. You crave for more important things then seeing seeds sprout into plants or the days your father spent fishing, as they didn’t interest you as much as your siblings. You decide not to follow the road of a farmer, but turn to business instead.

Generation Two Objectives:
– Get to level 10 on the Business Career. Complete
– Get to level 10 in Charisma skill Failed
– Get married, woohoo, and have kid(s). (not necessarily in that order) Complete.
– Have at least one kid. Complete.

Optional Objectives:
-Become enemies with your father and mother (why can’t you be like your brother or/and sister?) before entering your career. Complete.
-Partner into a business (doesn’t matter which) Complete
-Make over 50,000 in family funds. Complete
-Marry a co-worker, or even your boss Does having a baby with one count?

Generation One

“I always wanted to be a farmer. There is a tradition of that in my family. ”

Your family was always into the farming deal. They spent their days working hard and asked for their children to do the same. So when you turned 18, your parents surprised you with your own plot of land to continue on tradition. And having always been one to want to impress the folks. You begin creating your own small garden, dedicating your time to that rather then dealing with a dreadful 9-to-5 suit and tie job.

Objectives of generation one:

  • Grow a garden with every type of plant from store! (excludes egg and steak and omni)–Complete
  • Get married, but no woohoo before married (your mama taught you better than that)–Complete
  • have a boy and a girl. Keep trying ’til you do! (try no watermelons or apples)  ADDED: If unable, you can always adopt the one you are missing –Complete
  • Master Gardner skill.–Complete

Optional objectives:
-Obtain and plant every type of plant  Failed
-catch every type of fish  Failed
-Marry a gal/guy with “Loves Outdoors” and/or “green thumb”–Dilly is a vegetarian…that should count 🙂
Master Fisherman Skill (Moved from objective) Failed

I wanted Les to get to the top of the Gardner Career (which I think should be an Ambitions requirement for this generation), but it’s pretty hard to make that much money off of farming.  Les got to Level 7 and only with the help of his family members.