Twinbrook Fields is a Differences in the Family Tree legacy.  The challenge was started by TheUsernameFound.  The rules can be found here. Also, you can go to the forum page on TS3 that discusses the challenge here.  I finished my regular legacy, The Kendricks and am now moving on to this challenge.  I was inspired by A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss, written by Styxlady, and also the various legacies written by FortA (who now writes “The Differences in the Oak Family Tree”) among several other DITFT stories that I read near the end of the Kendrick challenge.

If you are just finding this legacy, you can check the ‘Generations’ link at the top of the page to start at the beginning.  I will link each chapter there.

My DITFT legacy is called The Twinbrook Fields.  I decided to set the legacy in Twinbrook because I haven’t played in that town at all.  There is quite a diverse population there and I like the back story that EA gave Twinbrook–it fit with how I wanted to establish the first generation.

Cheats:  I have Twallan’s mods for story progression and master controller.  I do not use the money cheats even to move people out of the families.  I did use the death cheats in the prologue, but I just did it to establish the story.  After that, no other cheats will be used.  I mainly use Twallan’s master controller mod to alter clothing and hair styles.

I hope you enjoy this legacy.  I think it will be fun!  If you want to read any of my other legacies, check out the Kendricks or the Succubus Legacy.