Ferris Fields, Inventor: Prologue

**Special thanks goes to Orangeplumbob of A Different Rain and the wonderful Tragedy Legacy for helping me get my fight scenes.  I don’t have poses anymore, but I knew that this scene needed some visuals.  Thanks again OPB!**


Ferris Fields looked down at his older brother who was holding his bloody and probably broken nose and wanted to smash his fist into it all over again.

“Don’t get up, Asshole!” he growled as Carter put one blood-soaked hand on the ground to push himself to his feet.  “I’ll just hit you again!”

Ferris was itching to kick his brother while he was down…kick him like they did in the movies…over and over again right in the ribs until Carter was a bloody, sniveling mess.  And he would have, too, except that Carter was his brother.  And despite what Carter had done to him, Ferris really didn’t want to hurt him.

“Dude, Ferr.  Let’s just go,” his other brother, Adam, reached out and touched his shoulder.  Ferris growled at Adam and shook off his hand.

“No!  Not until this asshole agrees not to touch Marissa again!  Not until he promises.”

“It’s no’ wha’chew thing,” Carter said through his hand still holding his nose.

“It’s not what I think?!  What else could it be?!  You were lip-locked with my girlfriend and touching her and it wasn’t what I thought?”  Ferris saw red again and bent over to haul his brother up.


Carter was only 10 minutes older than him, but Ferris out-weighed him by at least 20 pounds.  Ferris had his fists wrapped around Carter’s bloody shirt.  He picked his brother up and shook him, splattering blood on them both.

“Ferris!” Adam cried out.  Adam was the youngest by about a half an hour.  He didn’t like it when his brothers fought.  Ferris let Adam grab him and pull him away from Carter who dropped to the ground again when Ferris let go of his shirt.


They walked a little ways away.  “Ferris!  Go cool down,” Adam told him.  “I’ll talk to Carter and get his side of the story.  I’ll meet you at Varg’s if you want.  Go get a drink.”

“Fine,” Ferris agreed, “but I don’t want to see that dumb shit again.  You hear me Carter!?” he called back over his shoulder.  “I hate you! How dare you do this to me!  I never want to see you again!”

“Dude,” Adam pleaded.  “Just let me handle him.  I’ll send him home to mom and dad.  Then I’ll come and meet you at Varg’s.  Just go, Fer.  I’ve got this.”


Following his little brother’s instructions, Ferris went to his car and peeled out of the diner parking lot.  Even though it had started to rain and probably wasn’t safe, he sped away, his continued rage forcing him to press down the gas pedal more that he would normally do.  He dared the cops to stop him.  “Fuck them!” he snarled.  “Fuck all of them!”


Carter had always been the good looking brother.  His gray eyes, his longish hair, The ridiculous soul patch that he insisted was cool, and those stupid ear points he’d inherited from their Fae Toy father, all contributed to the total package that was Carter Fields.


Ferris admitted to himself that Carter had always known how to talk to girls, too.  Since they were children, Carter had mostly had girl friends.  First he befriended Belynda Burgos and her little sister, Maxine.  Belynda and Max’s dad owned the Performance Park where their mother had a steady magic gig.  The two girls often came over to their house to play as kids and then were part of the regular gang of teens who often hung out with him and his brothers.


In addition to those girls, Carter befriended the Finnegan twins.  They were the younger sisters of one of the local witches, Carianne Finnegan.  They lived with her since both of their parents  died in a tragic accident while searching the ancient crypts in Egypt.  Henrietta Finnegan was a witch, too, but her twin, Marissa, was not.  Henrietta took an instant liking to Carter despite his relationship with Belynda.  In the end, Henrietta won out and got him to take her to prom.


Ferris figured it had something to do with going double with him and Marissa.  Ferris had liked Marissa right from the start.  She, like himself, was a bit of a genius.  She was in his science class and they were lab partners.


Normally he would have partnered with his shy brother, Adam, but Maxine Burgos had skipped a grade and was in their class, too.  Adam, feeling sorry for the younger girl,  had agreed to be her partner.  Adam was always doing things like that.  Ferris figured that Adam really liked Max.  He was always asking her to join their gang at the house.  Ferris knew that it drove Belynda up the wall to have her younger sister in their group, but no one ever said no to what Adam wanted.  It was hard enough to get Adam just to hang out.  Mostly he and Max ended up playing chess by themselves.


So anyway, Carter and Ferris doubled with the Finnegan twins for prom and Adam went by himself because Carter and Ferris insisted he go since it wouldn’t be the same if the three of them weren’t together.  It was one of the best nights of Ferris’ life.  While dancing, he asked Marissa if she wanted to go steady and she said yes!  Everything after that moment was sort of a blur to Ferris.


But the happy feeling he got at prom only lasted for a short time.  At first it was great.  He and Marissa often went out with Carter and Henrietta.  It was fun going on dates with them.  That was one of the reasons that Ferris couldn’t believe that Carter would do this to him.  Carter knew how much Ferris loved Marissa!


He and Marissa were the couple!  Even his parents liked her.  Everyone thought they were super sappy and romantic, so romantic that they were voted prom king and queen!  They should have been together forever—Ferris had always assumed they would be, but as the end of high school approached, Marissa started distancing herself from him.


It started at their birthday party.  Everything seemed great.  He and Marissa were dancing and having a good time.  But something changed after he blew out his candles.  Actually, Ferris admitted that she might have been pre-occupied during the whole party, but after he blew out his candles, she made an excuse to leave early.


After graduation, Ferris hardly saw Marissa.  She said she was spending time with her family who had come from all over to see her and her sister graduate.  Since Family meant a lot to Ferris, he understood why she was unable to come to his graduation party.  He didn’t mind that she couldn’t hang out or go out.

But after a a few weeks of only phone calls, he knew something else was going on.  He insisted that Marissa come over to the house.  “Everyone is coming,” he said.  “It will be like high school.  The whole gang will be there.”


If he hadn’t been so pre-occupied with his own problems, Ferris might have found some amusement at Carter who was still stuck between two girls.  He may have taken Henrietta to the prom, but Belynda never really gave up on him.  Adam told Ferris later that the two girls trapped Carter on the couch between them.  “It was really funny to see how uncomfortable he was,” Adam laughed about it.

But Ferris had a hard time seeing the humor in anything at the time.  Adam was trying to cheer him up, but it didn’t work.  Ferris had finally asked Marissa what was wrong.  She was worried about college.  She said they should keep their options open because “you never know who you will meet in college.”

Ferris shrugged this off.  He knew there’d never be another girl like Marissa.  It didn’t matter that he was going to Sim U and she was going to Sim State.  It didn’t matter that he had decided to pursue technology and not science.  Everything would work out, he told her.


So they went their separate ways, but during their first break, Marissa told him that she’d met someone else.  “He lives in my dorm,” she said.  “We’re not dating or anything.  You and I hadn’t resolved everything and I didn’t want to go out with him while I was still dating you.  That wouldn’t be right.”

Ferris thanked her.  Yes, he couldn’t believe it when those words came out of his mouth.  Thank you?  Hell no!  He should have gotten screaming angry with her, but he loved her and wanted her to be happy.  So he said, “Thank you for telling me.  I appreciate it.  I guess we should break up if you really want to see other people.”

“I’m sorry, Ferris,” she told him.  “I really like you, but only as a friend.  I don’t think we have a future together.”


“Oh,” he said, lamely.  “I’m sorry, too.”

In his head, Ferris was railing against the unfairness of it all.  He wanted to say, “No, don’t break up with me!  I love you.  We ARE meant to be together.  You’ll see.  It’s just the distance.  I’ll come to Sim State.  We can be in the same door.  Stay with me!  We’ll be together forever!”  But he didn’t say any of those things.  Instead he said, “I guess I’ll see you around then.”  And she said, “I guess so.”  Then she waved and left him.


The entire next term was a blur to Ferris.  Did he study?  Did he eat?  Did he even go to class?  His report card would indicate that he had, but he couldn’t remember.  Both Carter and Adam tried to get him out of his funk.  They shared a house.  Carter invited tons of pretty girls over for parties, but Ferris didn’t notice them.  Adam, who hated being around so many people, endured them for Ferris’ sake.  Ferris barely even registered his little brother’s discomfort.


He supposed he owed his decent, if not perfect, grades to Adam who also was getting a tech degree.  “Come on Fer, we need to go to the lab today.”  “We need to study for the big test, Ferris.  Get your books.”  “It’s time for class, buddy.  Time to get up,” Ferris remembered Adam telling him, though that was all he could picture about the term.

Back at home again, Ferris decided he wasn’t going back to college with his brothers.  He was miserable.  He had a sort of vague plan to apply to Sim State so he could at least see Marissa again.  That’s what he was coming to tell Carter that day he caught him and Marissa together.


Carter had said he was going to the diner.  Ferris decided he needed to eat, so he’d meet his brother there.  “Wanna come?” he asked Adam, whom he’d been helping in the garden.  Ferris was surprised when Adam agreed to go.  He hated eating around so many people.  But Adam always seemed to know when one of his brothers needed him, so Ferris supposed Adam decided his discomfort would be worth it to keep Ferris company.

So the two of them went to the diner where they saw Carter sitting in a booth with Marissa.  They weren’t sitting opposite each other, either.  Ferris assumed that Henrietta was with them and sitting on the other side.  Maybe she’d gone to the bathroom.  Henrietta and Carter had never officially dated.  Carter had this way with girls that left them still friendly toward him even after he’d stopped being interested in them.


“It’s just not right,” Adam complained, once when Belynda kissed Carter on the cheek after not seeing him for several months.  “She should hate you after what you did by asking Henrietta to prom instead of her.  She was so mad at you!  That’s all Max and I heard for weeks!”

“Yeah,” Ferris agreed.  “Belynda ended up going with Steven Pelter.  And you know how much Steven sweats.  Steven was thrilled because Belynda is hot, but she could have done better.”

Carter shrugged.  “What can I say?  She doesn’t blame me for asking Henrietta.  I told her I was doing it so you’d have a double date.”  At the time, Ferris laughed with him about the incident, but it really hadn’t been all that funny.

Ferris realized that Carter and Marissa might be together as in ‘on a date’ when Carter put his arm around her in the booth.  Then, Adam gasped as Carter leaned in and whispered something in Marissa’s ear.  Ferris stared at the two of them in shocked disbelief, but when Carter leaned over and kissed Marissa, Ferris lost it.


He had no idea how they got out to the parking lot.  Maybe he had grabbed Carter?  Maybe he’d just asked him to go out there?  He didn’t know.  What he remembered with crystal clarity was the sound of his fist connecting with Carter’s face and the throbbing pain he felt afterwards.  The pain in his hand almost eclipsed the pain in his chest, but not quite.

He didn’t think anything, not the rain that echoed his mood or bruised knuckles or a fast car or even a speeding ticket, would take away the ache in his chest.  All Ferris knew as that he needed to drive.  To go as fast and as far as possible.



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8 Responses to Ferris Fields, Inventor: Prologue

  1. nickeyelysse says:

    All caught up, and now I don’t know what I’ll do to while away the long work hours.

    • hrootbeer says:

      Sorry. I’m out of town next week, too. I don’t think I’ll be ready to post until after I get back.

      • nickeyelysse says:

        Understandable. My game has been giving me fits and ctds so I don’t know if I’m going to even want to try to update for a WHILE. Ugh. And I’m barely into my legacy. But one day I shall build a computer and this will never happen again. Or you know, just move on to Sims 4 and see if that treats me any better. Doubt it.

  2. Pumpkin - Smash says:

    This is exciting, a new generation and it’s Ferris who was taken over. So far I’m unsure what to think, to me Ferris is like a black sheep and as far as the situation goes between his girlfriend and Carter I think Carter will tell his side of the story soon. I love how their personalities are so different to each other too.

    • hrootbeer says:

      Ferris and Adam share many of the same traits, but where Adam is a loner and the peace maker of the family, Ferris tends to be a follower and is very passionate. He over-reacts.

  3. audiobebop says:

    Oh man, everyone’s suddenly posting again! I’m so glad to see you’re back and all right~ 😀 Now I have to get back on the ball ~.~

  4. jolvsbooks says:

    Oh dear. I’d like to think that whatever is going on between Carter and Marissa is innocent. If not, it’s quite low to go out with your brother’s ex/ ex’s brother without telling him about it first. I hope that they will be able to patch things up. Family is important!

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