Health Update and the expected newest post

This is just a short update to let people know that I am still writing.  My usual reason for not having a post done is that my game hates me (which is still true, but I’ve learned to cope and compensate for that).  I have a post about half-way finished.  I have about 12 pictures to get.  Hopefully with summer now here and being off work, I can get to it a lot faster.

However, I also wanted to give a small health update.  Last year at this time I had a shoulder surgery.  That was pretty scary business, but this year I have had an even scarier bit of business.  Two weeks ago I came down with a virus…one of those coughing respiratory ones that doctors don’t like to give medication for because it’s just a virus.  I finally went to a doctor because it just got worse and worse, but that was the message I was told.  I went on Monday the 4th.  So, I ended up going to school part of each day to get my senior students graduated, but I always went home.  Finally I went back to the doctor that Friday.  This time I was told that the virus had gotten to the point of ear infections, the start of a sinus infection, but thank god, not pneumonia.  I had a breathing treatment because I am an asthmatic.  I got antibiotics for the the infections and was told to increase my inhaler use.

Saturday breathing was not much better.  The infections weren’t better either (but what do you expect after only 1.5 days of antibiotics?).  I contemplated going to ER, but didn’t.  By Sunday I couldn’t breathe and nearly fainted.  Scared the pee out of my kids.   5.5 hours at ER resulted in two breathing treatments, an IV of a very powerful steroid called Prednisone (sp).  I was discharged with a script for the steroid orally and was given an aid to help me access the medicines in my inhalers better.  I was also given a decongestant.  Great, I thought.  I’m going to be fine.  But on Monday I wasn’t fine at all.  Prednisone has many nasty side-effects.  I seemed to experience all of them.  Also, my heart-rate increased to very dangerous levels.  My mom took me back to ER (my husband stayed with the kids to keep them calm) and I was soon admitted to the hospital with heart and lung issues.  Scary ones since I’m not quite 40.

I haven’t had an asthma flare up since I was 14.  I have had it under control for more than half of my life.  But, I still remember that one time.  And it wasn’t nearly as bad as this.  I am very grateful for the support system I have in my friends and family around me.  I am also grateful for the nurses and doctors who took care of me for the last three days.  I am still taking very high doses of that dangerous steroid (I got 4 doses of 80 mg while I was admitted…that’s a Hella lot!).  It does weird things to a person, but I know I can get through it.  I’m just letting people know because I might act a bit erratic for the 2 weeks it takes me to taper off of it.  Heck, even a post like this is a bit of a symptom of the drug!

Well, I am going to play Sims and maybe that will help me occupy my brain.  Thank you all for sticking with me when I have been REALLY slow in updating lately.

Much love,



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I am a teacher, writer, rpg player, and Sim 3 addict.
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6 Responses to Health Update and the expected newest post

  1. scarletsimphony says:

    Ugh, this is scary stuff D: I was put on Prednisone for about a month in 2010, so I know how awful that stuff can be. I wish they’d find a better alternative 😦 You’re in my thoughts. I hope you feel better soon, please take it easy ❤

    • hrootbeer says:

      From what they tell me, for the lungs and also the gut, predisone’s side effects are much greater outweighed by it’s benefits. The trick is to follow the directions of coming off of it. But 80mg 4 times a day was WAY more than I thought I needed…and that’s how I know that my breathing…or lack thereof…was really much more dangerous than I thought.

  2. Emy says:

    Awww, H. 😦 Scary!! I hope you feel better soon! ❤

  3. Oh my…..I hope your finally on the mend. Take care and rest.

  4. zoxell says:

    Scary stuff – definitely nothing to fool around with. Take care of yourself! Sending prayers for a quick recovery!

  5. Yikes! I know this was a while ago, still scary stuff. Hope you are doing better!

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