I want to thank everyone who keeps checking back here.  I do apologize for not updating regularly.  As many of my long-time readers know, I am constantly plagued with errors and crashes.  As the game advances and expands, my errors and crashes are getting worse.  I don’t have enough memory to run the game.  Right now it is lucky if I can get one good save or play for an hour without crashing. 

Of course this makes playing difficult.  I dread it.  Which is not how I want it to be.  I also miss playing and writing terribly.  I finally gave in and asked my husband to let me buy memory upgrades.  We could have used the money for other things like going to the Seattle Comi-con, which he really wanted to go to.  But he let me buy the memory, so I should be able to start updating soon.

I have the next update written already, I just need to get pictures.  I also have a solid outline and a pretty decent plan that I’m excited to put into action.  I doubt it will survive as I have envisioned it, but if it comes close, I think this generation will be worth the wait.

A hint of what’s to come: Expose blogging, ballet poses, a mystery to be solved, a man that’s too good to be true, and a lost child.

Hopefully you’ll stick with me!


About hrootbeer

I am a teacher, writer, rpg player, and Sim 3 addict.
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10 Responses to Explanation

  1. snarkysims says:

    Good luck with the new memory. I really hope it helps. I understand what you are going through. The save file for my Lazlo blog lags so badly it takes me nearly two hours real world time just to get through one Sim day. It is so frustrating that I haven’t wanted to play the game. I actually started playing The Sims 3 under my husband’s Windows account with absolutely no mods or CC. That reminds me of how much I appreciate Twallan. 🙂

    Anyway, I said all of that to say that I’ll definitely be sticking with you. I enjoy the Fields so much. Take whatever time you need to get your game stabilized.

    • hrootbeer says:

      I found that combating laggy saves is easily fixed by using Twallan’s porter mod and moving your family and their connections to a new version of town. Whenever I do this, my game runs smoothly at least for awhile.
      When I return them all to Twinbrook, I use Master Controller or Story Progression…not sure which…to delete any sim that I have used in the story in the past. I only keep townies who have never made an appearance. That way I can always come back to where the family came from.

  2. Snarky isn’t the only one who has no problem sticking around. Although it is nice to have regular updates, I find when they are not regular it makes the update a nice surprise. Its like getting flowers randomly from someone you care about or a good friend popping by unannounced when you’re bored. Its great! So regular or not its win win for me, as long as you don’t give up on us.

  3. I’ll stick around! I like your preview of things to come. It sets my mind aspin, trying to make guesses. 😀 Hope the new memory works for you!

  4. Emy says:

    I’m sticking around! Can’t get rid of me that easily, H! ;D

    Hope the new memory helps! 🙂 ❤

  5. kris1079 says:

    I also hope the new memory helps. I think it helped my game quite a lot to boost from 2 to 4 GB of RAM (don’t know if you are going from 2 to 4 or 4 to 8?). I probably could use more but I believe that would require a new computer, which I believe I will wait on until Sims 4. The game does run much smoother now than it did before though and I can have my graphics set higher (not maxed on all things, but higher than I could before) without causing much lag. And, Error 12 messages have been very rare for me…maybe only once or twice.

    I’ll definitely be sticking around, especially with the preview of things to come…I’m definitely intrigued!! Besides, I’m the last to judge anyone on irregular/infrequent updates 🙂

    • hrootbeer says:

      Well, I currently have 4gb, but I am running on a single processor instead of a dual, which would help in this situation. So, I’m going from 4 to 6 since I could only afford two sticks instead of replacing all four with 2gb sticks. Maybe next month or the month after I can replace the other two and go up to 8gb.

      • kris1079 says:

        Hope it helps!! Yeah, I imagine the dual processor makes some difference because I really don’t have too many problems with just 4 GB. I’m sure the memory boost will make gameplay easier for you.

  6. audiobebop says:

    Oh, I wish you’d mentioned this earlier as there was a deal this week where you could’ve snagged a set of 2 4GB sticks for about $40. Regardless, I’ll still be here, naturally. 😀

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