GC Fields, Chapter 3

**Mature Content Warning**  This chapter gets pretty steamy and graphic in the last third of it.  You can read until that part and then skip to the very end.  Also, the chapter is pretty long.  I hope you enjoy it. **


Of course we’d gotten caught sleeping with our dates after prom night.  I had known that we’d get caught from the moment Becky had snuck into my room.

“We’re very disappointed in you,” Mom said after Becky, Trevor and Eddie had been picked up by their parents.  Mom had insisted on telling each of them what we’d done.  I didn’t know what would happen to them at their homes, but we were going to be grounded until graduation.  We weren’t allowed to invite them over ever again.

“It wasn’t like we were fucking,” Barbara said crudely.   This earned a glare from both parents.

“Do not use that kind of language, young lady!” Mom snapped.

“What?  We weren’t.  All we did was sleep together.  Geez.”

“It doesn’t matter.  You betrayed the trust we put in you.”


“Sorry Mom,” Laura said.

“Sorry,” I mumbled.  I didn’t dare look up.  While Laura and Barbara were innocently sleeping with their boyfriends, I really had been having sex with Becky.  I knew that if I looked at my parents, I’d do something or say something to give myself away.

“Even though you say you didn’t do anything,” Dad said, “the fact is that you could have been.  You know how serious the consequences could be if you’d had unprotected sex.”

Barbara rolled her eyes.  “We all know about safe sex, Dad!  Geez.  Even if we had been doing it, we know to use protection.”

“Good,” Dad said.  He looked away, uncomfortable with the topic.

I thanked goodness no one had looked in my trash can.  I was going to empty it right away so no one would see the condom I was thankful I’d used the night before.  Thank goodness there wouldn’t be consequences from what Becky and I had done.  Now that I was in the light of day, I realized everything I’d put on the line the night before.


Being grounded sucked, but at least graduation wasn’t that far away.  Of course a lot could happen between prom and graduation.  Barbara, who’d been really upset with Mom and Dad for grounding us, started sneaking out to see Eddie.  She also stayed out after curfew hanging out with him instead of coming home.

“I just don’t know what to do with you,” Dad admonished her after the cops escorted her home one night.

“Nothing.  I’ll be out of here soon enough,” Barbara sneered.  She’d started using the same expression that Eddie always used.  I wouldn’t have blamed mom if she’d slapped Barbara.

“Go to your room,” Dad ordered.


Laura and I, who’d heard the exchange from the girls’ room upstairs, just shook our head as Barbara tromped upstairs.  She opened the door to her room and then slammed it shut, glaring at the two of us.

“Fuck ‘em,” she said as she started pulling clothes out of the drawers in her dresser.

“What are you doing?” Laura asked.

“I’m leaving.  Eddie says he’ll marry me after graduation.  He said I could move in with him until then.”

“But Barbara, you can’t!” Laura started to cry.

“Don’t do it,” I said.

“Why not?  I’m almost an adult.”


“It’s not that much longer, Barbara.  Just stick it out,” I said.

“Fine.” She threw her clothes on the floor. “But I’m out of here right after.”

Barbara’s troubles weren’t the only problems we faced before we graduated.  Someone had started another fire at the school.  This time it wasn’t a prank in the science labs.  This time it was a real fire started in the wood shop.


“Someone started that fire deliberately,” TJ told me after he and his crew put it out.  “We saw patterns indicating that someone had put chemicals and other materials in the shop room.  They set the fire and let it spread.”

“Who’d do that?” I wondered.

“Someone who doesn’t like school, I guess.”

Of course the school was closed during the investigation.  Classes were held in various locations around town so that we’d graduate on time.

“You’d think they’d just let us graduation early,” Barbara complained.  “It’s not as if these last few weeks really count.”

“What about finals?” Laura asked.

“Who cares about finals?  Just give me my fucking diploma.”

“Barbara!”  Laura had never liked Barbara’s increased use of profanity.  Barbara just shrugged.  I privately agreed with her about just letting us graduate early, but I didn’t say anything.


Eventually graduation did come.  We held it at the courthouse instead of the school.  When I’d first started high school, I never thought I’d actually make it to graduation.  School had been difficult, but I not only made it, I was also honored for my contribution to the school’s athletic program in both wrestling and baseball.  Dad was so proud of me when I took home my trophies.

Barbara took honors in journalism and was planning to become a writer.  Laura was valedictorian, which was no surprise.  She also received a full ride scholarship to SimU to study science.  She had plans to become a doctor.  I know that I couldn’t do all of that schooling.  Better her than me.  I knew exactly what I was going to do.  I had already been accepted to the Fire Academy.


The cool thing was that I was going to get to live with TJ after all.  I thought that once he got married, my dreams of having a bachelor pad with my brother were shot, but Roselyn, his wife, was cool with me moving in with them.

“You can stay in the basement, GC.  We’re converting it into an apartment.  It will be like you were living by yourself, but not really,” Roselyn said.

“You have to pay rent, of course,” TJ added.

“Of course!” I gave  TJ a high five.  “I can’t believe you guys are letting me move in.  That’s so cool.  I promise I won’t have any raucous parties.”

“We know you won’t, GC,” Roselyn said, smiling.  I grinned back.

“What are you so excited for?” Becky, who’d come up to talk to me after graduation, asked.  She looked from me to my brother and sister in law.

“Teej and Roselyn asked me to move in with them!  I get my own apartment in the basement.”

“That’s wonderful GC.  Maybe I could come hang out,” she said.  “I miss hanging out with you and your sisters.”

I gave her a hug.  “We missed you, too.  But now we’re not grounded anymore.”

She smiled hugely.  “Perhaps I can come over after my graduation party.  Alex is back in town.  We’re having a big dinner to celebrate.”

“That’s cool.”

“Do you want to join us, GC?”

“Um…” I looked at TJ who shrugged.

“Ask mom.  Your party is tomorrow.”


It was an interesting night with Becky and her family.  I finally got a chance to meet Alex properly.  He had changed a bit since school.  I remembered him as friendly and popular as well as being exceptionally smart.  He reminded me of Laura.

“So you’re the boy who Becky always talks about,” he shook hands with me.

“Um…I guess.”  He had a firm handshake.  I was sort of surprised by it because he seemed sort of effeminate otherwise.

“She really likes you.  I suppose I should tell you that if you break her heart, I will have to beat you up.”


“I’m just kidding.  I wouldn’t even know how to make a fist.  I’m a lover not a fighter,” he joked, waggling his eyebrows at me.  I really didn’t know what to say.  He seemed to be under the impression that I was Becky’s boyfriend.


“GC, good to see you again,” Dr. Fairbanks came up to me when his son walked away to talk to Becky.  “How are things going for you?  Do you have big plans now that you’ve graduated?”

“Uh…no sir, I mean, yes sir.”  I was uncomfortable talking to my old shrink like we were friends or something.  Would he try to analyze me?  Did he also think I was going out with his daughter?

“Don’t babble, GC,” Becky laughed, taking my hand.  “I told Daddy you were going to the fire academy.  He just forgot.”


“That’s right!  I can’t say I’m surprised,” Dr. Fairbanks said.  “I remember that you always wanted to be a hero.”

I looked down at the floor, embarrassed.  “I don’t know about that, sir.”

“GC.  Don’t be shy about it.  You’ll make a great fireman.”

“Thank you.”


The rest of the dinner was spent in small talk.  I didn’t want to talk about my plans for the future, so I always changed the subject when it was brought up.  Alex spoke about his time in France.  I asked a lot of questions because if he was talking, then I didn’t have to.

“Champs Les Sims is really beautiful.  It was hard to focus on school knowing that I could be out sight seeing or just enjoying the countryside.”

“But you did focus on school, right son?  A doctor doesn’t get his degree by looking at the outdoors.”

“I went to classes, Dad.  Relax.”  Alex told how he spent the weekends pouring over the art in the museum and looking at old architecture.

“I even toured the Nectarary and learned a bit about making nectar.”

“That’s wonderful,” Mrs. Fairbanks gushed.  “I know you brought home quite a few bottles.  We’ll have to sample some later on.”

“Did you meet anyone in France,” Becky asked.  “Any girlfriend waiting for you when you go back?”

At this question, Alex looked uncomfortable.  He sort of fidgeted in his chair.  “Well I did sort of meet someone.  A student at the Institute d’Art.”


Mrs. Fairbanks raised an eyebrow curiously and Mr. Fairbanks chuckled.  “An art student, eh?  Did you model for her?  Are we going to see pictures of you in print anywhere?”

“Nothing like that Dad! And, well, there’s something I want to tell you guys, but…ah…” Alex looked at me.   “Maybe when we’re done with dinner, ok?  I mean we’re supposed to be celebrating these guys’ graduation and I’ve been doing all the talking.”

I wondered what Alex’s secret was, but evidently I was the only one impatient to find out.  Everyone else let the conversation turn to Becky and her plans.

“Oh, I will probably just go to work at the Business Park.  I don’t know what else I want to do,” she said.

“You could go to college, too, Becky.  Become a doctor like your brother,” Mr. Fairbanks said.

“Uh, no thanks Dad.  I’ll leave all the medical stuff to you two.”

“You could be a teacher or join the military,” Becky’s mom said.

“No.  I wouldn’t be good with little kids and I don’t think I could take orders,” Becky shook her head.

“What about being a fireman…er…person…like GC?” Alex asked.

“Me?  Fight fires?”

“What do you think, GC?” Alex asked me.

“I can’t see it.  Becky doesn’t like to get dirty.  And you have to be able to lift a lot of weight.  I’ve never even seen her work out even in gym class.”

“I got a B in gym!”

“By doing very little.  You didn’t even sweat once.”

Everyone at the table laughed.  We all knew that Becky would never join the fire department.  Eventually, dinner ended and Mr. and Mrs. Fairbanks said that Becky could drive me home.


“It was nice meeting you GC,” Alex said, shaking my hand again.  I was surprised again at the firmness of the shake.  He was stronger than he looked.  I wondered if all the hiking he did in France had helped him stay in shape.

“That was fun,” Becky said to me as we were driving back to my house.  “Thanks for coming with us GC.”

“I had a good time,” I said.  But then I looked over at her.  “Um, I was a bit confused though.”

“Oh?  What about?”

“Why does everyone think we’re boyfriend and girlfriend?”

“Oh that.” Becky waved a hand nonchalantly.  “Mom and Dad know we’re just friends, but Alex doesn’t.  I’ll explain it to him.  Don’t worry about it GC.”

I let it go.  “See you later, Beks.  You can help me move into TJ’s place.”

“No problem,” she said.  I shut the car door and she drove away.


The next few days were a bit of a blur for me.  Barbara made good on her vow to move out as soon as we graduated.  She moved in with Eddie, his brother Harlan, and a few other guys who had an apartment across town.  She said that Eddie was going to marry her, but I wasn’t as sure about that.

Laura was going to live at home and go to SimU.  She said that Mom and Dad needed her help around the house and she needed a quiet place to study.

“They’re not getting any younger,” she said.

“I know, but don’t you want to do something like live on campus or get a place with Trevor?”

“No.  I’m not like Barbara.  Trevor and I will get married when we’re done with college.  He’s also going to be at Sim U.”

“I know.  He’s going to be an engineer.  He’s going to be living on campus, right?”

“Yes.  So, I’ll see him all the time.”


I shrugged.  I knew that Mom and Dad were getting older, but I didn’t think they needed any of us to stick around.  I know they were disappointed with Barbara moving out, but they didn’t say anything about it.  They were happy that I was moving in with TJ and excited that I’d be starting at the Academy.

“You’re going to be a great fireman, son,” Dad told me.  “You and TJ together are going to be heroes.  I’m proud of you both.  I couldn’t be prouder even if you’d decided to be a cop instead.”

“I’ll leave the police work to you and Uncle Julian,” I laughed.


I managed to move into TJ’s basement without much fuss.  I really liked my little apartment.  The best part about it was that if I wanted to go hang out with my brother, I could.  We played video games on his TV after work sometimes and on the weekends we’d use my gym equipment to work out.  And best of all, if I wanted a cooked meal, Roselyn would make one for me.  She was a fantastic cook.


Becky and I hung out together still.  She had helped me move in just like she’d promised.

“This place is great,” Becky said, looking around at my basement.  “It’s like a huge man cave.”

“It’s nice,” I said.

“You could bring anyone over and do whatever you wanted down here.”

“I suppose,” I said, “but I promised I wouldn’t have any loud parties.”

“What about dates?”

I shrugged.

“You could give that new bed in there quite the work out,” Becky added, a flirtatious smile came to her face and she looked at me suggestively.  “You know, we should try it out.”

“Try it out?”  I asked, dumbly.

“Yeah.  Test it.  Christen it.”  Becky walked toward me and I swallowed.  My palms started to itch.  I couldn’t believe she was suggesting what I thought she was suggesting.

“GC, don’t you wonder what it would be like in a real bed?”  Becky whispered suggestively, wrapping her arms around me.  “I bet sex is better in a bed.”

“TJ and Roselyn are upstairs,” I protested, trying to force myself to step away from her.  I didn’t like where this was headed.  Becky and I were supposed to be just friends.  I knew sex would just ruin that.

“So?  This is your place.  Your apartment.”  Becky stood on her toes to kiss me.


“I want you GC.  I want to make love on that big bed of yours.”

“Becky,” I gasped as she ground herself against me.  I couldn’t help myself, I kissed her back.

Becky didn’t let me take a breath once she had her mouth on mine.  She started walking me backward toward my bedroom door.  Her hands slipped around my back and down into my sweatpants where she grabbed my ass.

God that was erotic.  We hit the door and she moved her hands to the front of me.  I groaned as she stroked me.  Still kissing her, I undid the clasp on Becky’s blouse and then lifted it over her head.  We both took a breath.

Becky opened the door and skimmed out of her bra.  I tossed my sweatshirt in a heap on the floor.  Then, when we were both naked from the waist up, I pushed her against the door, taking control of the situation.


But I didn’t have it for long, control that is.  Becky pushed my sweats and boxers to the floor and continued caressing me like she had before.  I had no idea when she had become so aggressive with sex.  As far as I knew, this was her second time, just like it was mine.

“Fuck me GC,” Becky begged me, when I started bucking in her hand, very close to coming.  She let go of me and slid her leggings down so that she was as naked as I was.  As she did, I took a second to breathe and start thinking again.

It was enough time that when Becky pulled me back to her, clearly intending for me to fuck her right there against the door, I was able to restrain myself.

“I need a condom,” I said.

“Get one,” she ordered.

“I don’t have one.”

Becky moaned, pressing her pelvis up against me.  I felt her wetness and sucked in a hiss of air.

“GC.  Please,” she shifted, wrapping one of her legs around me, pressing her wetness against me even more.

“Becky.  Stop.  I don’t have protection.”

“Doesn’t matter.”  She shifted against me, and I felt myself enter her slightly.

“Oh god,” I said, breathing hard, fighting the need to keep going, but I knew I couldn’t.  With a loud groan, I pushed away from the door.


“We can’t.” I said, turning away.  She stepped up behind me, pressing her body against mine and kissing my shoulder.

“Come on GC.  One time won’t hurt.”

“No,” I insisted.  I knew that once was all it took.  But, seeing her disappointment, and knowing how close she had been to coming, I added,“But there are other things we can do.”

“Like what?”

I turned back toward her.  I hesitantly said, “Um…there’s always oral sex.”

“Oral sex?”  Becky began to look intrigued.  Oral sex was clearly something she’d never done.  I hadn’t either.  I only had a vague idea of what you were supposed to do, but I’d heard other guys say that girls liked it.

“Oral sex,” I repeated.   I pulled Becky over to the bed and lay down beside her, shifting so I could lean down and kiss her stomach.  She smelled of soap and some sort of fruity perfume.  I could also smell her sex.  I kissed her a bit lower.


“Is this ok?” I asked when I’d made my way all the way down.  Becky just moaned, so I thought it was probably fine.  Turns out oral sex was something that she really did enjoy.  From the minute I put my mouth on her, she came.  By the time I finished, she’d come twice more.

“Oh my god, GC.  That was fucking incredible,” she said when she’d gotten her breath back.  I was lying on my side next to her.  I smiled.

“I’m glad I did it ok,” I said.  Becky grinned and leaned over to kiss me.

“I just feel bad that you didn’t come,” she frowned.

“It wasn’t about me,” I said, and it was true.  I didn’t know why I hadn’t come.  I didn’t know why I wasn’t begging her to reciprocate right that moment, either.

“Do you want me to…you know?” Becky asked, shyly looking down at my only semi-aroused dick.

“Nah.  Not this time,” I said.  “Let’s just go to sleep.”

Becky was just sated enough that she did as I asked.  We both fell asleep on my new bed, but in the morning, she had decided that she needed to pay me back for the night before.


“This time it’s about you,” she said, pushing me back in the bed.

“Becky,” I ground out as I felt her mouth make a wet trail down my chest to my groin.  Even though it was morning and I was sporting wood, I didn’t really want her to do what she was clearly about to do, but I couldn’t bring myself to lift her away from me and get out of the bed.

I closed my eyes and surrendered to the inevitable.

“Tell me if you like this,” Becky said, and then she ran her tongue down the length of me.  I inhaled sharply at the sensation.   Then her mouth closed over me and all thoughts of stopping her went out of my mind.  I couldn’t think of anything except the pressure building up where she was using her mouth and hands to get me to come.

When I was close, I warned her, not knowing if she’d be one of those girls who wanted a guy to come in her mouth.  She pulled back, but didn’t stop her hand movements.  Unable to stop myself, I let go with a groan.

When I could think again, I looked down at Becky.  Her hair was tussled still from sleep, but she was looking satisfied with herself.  She wiped at her mouth, still wet from what she had been doing, and she grinned at me.

“You need a shower, GC,” she smirked, looking at me covered with my own semen.  I blushed.


After I came out of the shower, I found Becky dressed.  She’d used the little sink in my kitchenette to clean herself up a bit.

“I’ll see you later, GC,” she said when I entered the room.  She was still grinning when she kissed me on the cheek before she headed up the stairs to leave.

“Becky?” I stopped her.


How the hell was I supposed to ask her about what had happened between us.  I mean, I knew what we’d done, but I still didn’t know what it meant.  Becky said we were friends.  I knew that I didn’t like her in a sexual way, but then there she was giving me the first blow job of my life.  I didn’t want her to be my girlfriend, but I let her kiss me and took her to my bed where I made her come with my tongue.  What they hell were we doing?

Some of my confusion must have been in my face because Becky frowned at me.  “Don’t tell me you’re upset GC. Don’t tell me that you regret what happened last night.”

“But Becky…”

“No, GC.  You liked it and you came.  And last night, I liked it and I came.  It’s no big deal, GC.  It’s just sex.”

“But…”  I paused.  I didn’t really know what to say.  I felt like there should be more to it than what Becky was saying, but I wasn’t sure what it was.


“But we’re not going out, that’s what you were going to say right, GC?”  Becky came up to me, and I almost backed away.  “You always say that.  Would it be so bad to go out with me?”

“We’re just friends,” I finally managed to get out.

Becky raised an eyebrow.  “I think we’re a little more than that, GC, don’t you think?”

“But I don’t love you like that,” I said, knowing that Becky would be hurt by my words.


Of course she was angry.  “But you’ll fuck me, is that it?” Becky put her hands on her hips.  “It’s ok to sleep with me, but it’s not ok to be my boyfriend?”

“It wasn’t my idea to sleep with you,” I said, digging myself deeper, but not knowing how to get out of it.

“Oh fuck you GC!”  She glared at me.  “You never once said no.  You just went down on me.”

Since I had no answer to that, I just said nothing.  Then Becky just sighed, the anger draining from her face as quickly as it had appeared.

“GC, what’s so bad about us being friends and having sex, too?  Isn’t that what happens between the best couples?”

“Friends with benefits,” I said.  “That’s so cliché.”

“It’s cliché because it happens.  Would it be so bad?”

I shook my head no, and Becky continued, “It’s not like we’re getting married, GC.  I’m not moving in with you or even planning to.  We’ll still hang out like always, but if we want to do a little more…” She shrugged.

“Aren’t you afraid the sex will get in the way of our friendship?  What if you find a guy who you want to go out with for real?”  I asked.

Becky laughed somewhat bitterly.  “You know, it’s usually the girl who fights this kind of thing, right?  I mean, if it doesn’t bother me, it shouldn’t bother you.”

“I don’t know Becky,” I hesitated.


She looked at me imploringly, “Let’s just see what happens, ok?”

I found myself agreeing.  She was right.  As a guy, I should be jumping at the opportunity to have free sex whenever I wanted without the complications of having a girlfriend.

But once Becky had left, I just sank into my sofa and held my head.  I knew this was going to turn out badly, so I swore to myself that I wouldn’t take her up on the benefits part of her friendship.  I was going to be strong enough to resist her.  Maybe if I held out, she’d forget the whole thing, and we could go back to just being friends.


Fuck, I didn’t need the benefits.

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  1. Carebear728 says:

    Poor GC he’s so confused and overwhelmed. Becky grew up to be very pretty. Great chapter!

  2. :O I didn’t think you had it in you H. HOLY CRAPPOLA! That was the hottest chapter I HAVE EVER READ!!! Holy, wow. My mind is exploding! I think you put Kaliq’s last chapter to shame with this one. Just OH MY GOD! Hot! Okay I think when my mind can think clearly again, I will come back and reply with a much more educated thoughtful comment.

    But WOW! Mind exploding!

    • hrootbeer says:

      I can’t believe you think THIS is the hottest chapter. Really, some of yours put this to shame! But I’m glad you liked it. I was thinking in my head, WWOPBD (what would OPB do?) while I was writing the scene with Becky. It’s hard to write that sort of stuff when one of the parties really isn’t all that into it.

      Does Becky come off as sort of a bully still?

      • She comes off a little aggressive, and a bit of a bully. I’d hate to be in GC shoes having a girl like her dictate a friendship like that. True there are people that are willing to be friends with benefits, but this is one relationship that doesn’t need that type of complication. I feel for GC, and I hope he can stand up to the Becky, and tell her NO! But I have a feeling that when it comes down to it, he will have to remember to not to think with his “smaller brain.”

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    And omgggg this chapter!! Your writing has gotten so awesome, which is truly saying something seeing as it was already a joy to read before. I felt like I was feeling everything GC was feeling throughout that entire chapter- gah, poor guy! I’m really hoping he figures everything out soon, because I feel just as confused as him right now! I want to know more about Becky too- is she really just looking for a physical relationship, or does she actually feel more for GC and she knows that right now, this is the only way she can be with him? HMMMMM.

    Loving this generation!! I can’t wait to see where this “relationship” goes- and of course how his career in firefighting goes too! Awesome!

    • hrootbeer says:

      Thank you. The hair is a store hair. I think from the June or July set…not sure which. It came out before Outdoor Life Stuff, I think.

      Anyway, I hope to reveal more about Becky’s motivations as we go, but you’ll never see in her head. As for GC doing some firefighting, that should be happening in the next one. He’s still going through training 🙂

      I’ll put Becky up on the exchange tonight. I made her entire family just to be support and opposite characters in GC’s story. I’ll upload the whole clan with Becky as a child and then her as an adult.

  4. kris1079 says:

    Wow!! Great chapter!! GC is in such an awkward position with Becky. I get the sense that she thinks she can force him into falling in love with her with sex. I feel bad for her, but I also feel bad for GC for being in that position. I sort of think he’s confused about what he wants and I can’t help thinking that if there’s more to why he’s not interested in Becky than he realizes himself yet.

    • hrootbeer says:

      You’ve pretty much nailed it. I’m glad that all of that is reading true. Becky is trying to force him to love her. She’s still a bully.

      I haven’t written farther than this yet…this was all of my pre-writing, but I’m caught up with the game. I have a rough sketch for what will happen, but I’m considering changing a few things…nothing major like Becky’s relationship with GC. That’s doomed.

    • StyxLady says:

      Kris took the words right out of my mouth–Becky’s manipulating him! And STILL he muses more about Alex than he ever does about Becky. I still think something might come of that, one day…

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    I loved this chapter. Seriously, H, you got skills. You conveyed all of GC’s hesitations and awkwardness really well. It read off as realistic and I really enjoyed it. But oh, Becky. Becky, Becky, Becky, what ARE we going to do with you? She’s a conniving girl and I’m really curious as to the direction you’ll take with this 😉

    • hrootbeer says:

      Deeds, I’m STILL not sure exactly where it’s going. It’s already veered a bit away from where I was going to take the story. But, I’m aiming for realism as much as possible…or at least cinematic realism. As of right now, GC will figure things out sooner than later, but as I said, I haven’t written it yet. This was as far as I’d gone so far. I just have a sketch now.

  6. Emy says:

    I have a feeling Mr Alex might be gay. 😀

    As for GC… he really wasn’t feeling that, was he? I mean, he didn’t say no, but… she didn’t really give him much of a choice. Conniving woman! I am proud of him for saying no to sex, though. Good boy!! ❤

    • hrootbeer says:

      Well, he said no only to himself after agreeing to try the friends with benefits thing with Becky. We’ll see if he sticks to his vow.

      As for Alex, yeah. I wasn’t trying to hide his sexuality. More on him later.

  7. Poor GC, he is so confused right now. I feel really bad for him. You asked OPB if Becky still came across as a bully, and I think she does, a little bit. Though I can’t tell if she is being deliberately manipulative, or if she really likes him and is confused as he is. 😦
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    Oh, and that picture where he has her against the door? OMGHOT.

    • hrootbeer says:

      You know what’s funny, that’s the pose I used instead of the other one I wanted. Originally he was holding her against the bed when he told her he had no condoms. I agree that this way ended up better…hotter. It also seemed more spontaneous and not as much like GC was in control, which he definitely was not. I also added the pose where she’s behind him, kissing his shoulder. It shows how much Becky was manipulating that situation.

      • I definitely prefer this one, then!! Damn, it was hot. Plus, in that other pose, the person on bottom has their expression manipulated–they look frightened. Using that one in my next update, and had to do a lot of maneuvering to get the face not really showing.

  8. Madcapp says:

    Becky looked a bit awkward as a kid and teen but as a young adult she’s very pretty!

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