School Starting

It’s labor day weekend and I’ll be playing the Sims a lot.  I’ve figured out what city I want Lila to be in when she starts moving up in the political career.  It wasn’t easy to figure out what would be the capital city of a Sim State and what might be the capital town/city of the Sim Nation.  In the end I decided that the Sim State would be Legacy Island by Rflong7.  I am still thinking about the Sim Nation.  If you have suggestions, I’d like to hear them.  I tried Redcliff, but it is too large and full of CC that I didn’t want.  Maybe I’ll do Brooklyn Heights.

In any case, I’ve now got Lila and TJ and Keenan living together.  Here’s a teaser picture for what’s coming up:

What have I done?

I’m not sure when I’ll have the update finished.  I have barely started because I worked on my chapter of Crossing Bridges.  It takes a lot of time to write and then stage a story like CB, which is why I put Twinbrook Fields on hold to do it.  But I was really happy with the way it turned out.  Here’s one of the pictures I didn’t use, but gives you a feel for what I did:

Hannah's cousin Jenny talking to herself.

School starts for me on the 7th of September, which means that my updates will slow down a bit.  I know they aren’t fast to begin with, but when I’m working, I can’t play during the week as much.  I just don’t have the energy.  I will try very hard to do an update every other week at the least.

Have a great labor day weekend!  Stay tuned for the next Twinbrook Fields.


About hrootbeer

I am a teacher, writer, rpg player, and Sim 3 addict.
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