Candice Fields, Criminal: Chapter 9


JP and I were fighting because he wanted to go down to Glenna’s room, and I wouldn’t let him.  She was in the middle of her transformation and was practically crawling out of her skin with sexual frustration.  JP said he was just going to help her, but I knew he wanted to fuck her.  Just to say that he did us both.

Not going to happen.  Royce, who hadn’t known about Glenna’s incarceration until our staged fight, also wanted to go in and see my sister.  He said that she might respond to an unfamiliar face.


“But she knows you.  We grew up next door to you.  She won’t want you near her anymore than she’d want JP.  And she refuses to see me.  She calls me all sorts of names when I come into her room.”

It was true.  Glenna blamed me for what was happening to her.  She couldn’t get past the pain of her transformation and look at the blessing she’d get once she Turned.  I just had to hope that she’d forget about it when she was a vampire and remember why she’d agreed to do this.


I ventured into her room on the day I knew she would Turn.  She was writhing on her bed, her skin hot and her eyes rolled back in her head.  She was wearing only her underwear and even that seemed to be bothering her.  I remembered the feeling.  At least I had had JP and Royce to ease my desires before they overwhelmed me.  Glenna had no such recourse.

“It’ll be ok soon,” I tried to reassure her.  She just moaned.  I saw that she’d bitten her lip until it bled and that she had scratches all over from where she tried to ease the itch that was coming from the inside.

I sat at her table.  I was determined to be there when she Turned, so I kept up a one-sided conversation about our escape.  I hoped that she could hear me.  I needed her to be ready to act.  This wasn’t going to be easy.

“Glenna, I know you can hear me.  I promise it will be ok.  When you’ve Turned, we’ll be able to escape JP and Royce.  We will be able to go anywhere.  We’ll be strong and independent and powerful.  We’ll be able to do anything.”

I continued, describing our escape plan.  I told her that she’d have to act like she was happy with JP and what he’d done.  She’d have to be convincing, so that he’d let her out.

“That’s all he wants, Glenna.  He wants you to be a part of our family.  He has this idea that having you here makes me happy.  And I know he’s evil, but he really does love me.”

Once JP thought Glenna would settle down into our life, the two of us would slip away never to be seen again.  “I’ve been planning this escape for years,” I told Glenna.  “When I knew that JP just wanted to control me, that’s when I knew I had to leave.  But I had to be a vampire first.  So I’ve been patient.  And now it’s finally time.”


I babbled on about how our new life would be.  I told her we could disappear in a large city like Bridgeport or Brooklyn Heights or even Sim City.  Finally, Glenna started to thrash on the bed.  Then she got up and screamed as the transformation ripped through her.

“Just breathe, Glen,” I encouraged.  “It won’t take long.  Breathe through it!”  A red haze seemed to swirl around my sister as she screamed, but when it cleared she just stood there, a vampire.  We were twins once more.

“Oh Glenna!” I rushed up to hug her.  She let me, but barely returned my embrace.  “You’re probably hungry,” I said.  “Here’s a plasma juice,” I handed her one of the many boxes we had in the house.  I’d come into the room prepared.


When she just stared at the type O box I’d given her, I said, “I know it’s kind of hard at first.  But believe me, a juice is better than drinking from a person so early.  It took me a while to get used to feeding from a body.”

“I don’t want this.”

“Of course you do.  I was starving when I Turned!  It tastes good,” I assured her.

Eventually Glenna drank the juice and I was relieved.  “See?  It’s not so bad.” I threw away the crumpled box for her.

“Now, I don’t know what you heard when I was talking to you.  Do you know the plan?”

Glenna nodded.  “Make nice with your husband and then disappear.”


It took two weeks for JP to accept that Glenna had become a good vampire and was content with her new life.  She had to drink from several live victims (and declare that she couldn’t stand the stale juice blood) to make him see that she was no longer fighting her new life.  Also, she had taken up with Royce.

This was not in our plan, but when I got over my initial anger at their relationship, I saw the wisdom of what she was doing.

Divide and conquer.  Glenna was using Royce to get to JP.  And, as a bonus, Royce became an instrument of her release.  He argued that she should be allowed out.

“It’s perfect, son,” Royce told JP one evening while they were sparing.  “You’ve got one and I’ve got one and we don’t have to share anymore.”

I bristled at this, but said nothing.  I no longer wanted either one of them, so I didn’t care that Royce was giving me up in favor of Glenna.  He’d soon learn that she was just fucking him to get out of her prison.


The day of Glenna’s release, we had a party.  It was Julian’s birthday.  He was now a teenager.  Glenna celebrated his coming of age along with our other guests.

“You have beautiful children,” Glenna said to me.  I smiled.  I was proud of my handsome youngest son.  He was my favorite of the two.

“Lila was beautiful, too.”  Oh, the girl.  I hadn’t even considered her.  I just smiled in agreement.

“You shouldn’t have left her, Candy.  You never got to know her.”

“I didn’t have a choice,” I said.  “I explained that to you.”

“You shouldn’t have killed Sunwon, either,” Glenna continued.  “She was more of a mother to Lila than you were.”

“It wasn’t my fault, Glen.  JP manipulated me.”  Glenna had a strange look in her eyes.  I backed away from her.

“Where is that husband of yours?”  Glenna abruptly changed the subject and started scanning the room for JP.  “Oh, there he is.  Let’s do this now.”


“Do what?  Glenna, this isn’t the plan!”  Glenna started to advance on JP.  I saw that she had a stake in her hand.

“Glenna!”  I shouted, just as she shoved the stake through JP’s heart.  “JP!” I screamed as he fell, his body degrading before my eyes.  “No!”


Everything seemed to stop as I saw Glenna standing over JP’s inert body holding her bloody stake.  Then, in a blur, I saw Royce fly at my sister.  “You killed my son. My boy!” He snatched the stake out of her hand and plunged it into her heart.


In slow motion, my sister’s body landed near my husband’s.  Royce bent over and picked up his son.  He began to rock JP in his arms.


In a daze, I crossed the room to the bodies.  Glenna.  JP.  I was torn between them, but then I dropped to my knees between them, sobbing both of their names.

The police came for Royce, of course, but he managed to evade them.  As for myself, I didn’t move from my position on the floor between my sister and my husband.  Eventually, one of the cops stood me up and walked me to another part of my house.

“Mrs. Kendrick, do you have anyone who can stay with you and your children?”  I didn’t respond.  “Mrs. Kendrick, Mrs. Kendrick? You need to be strong.  Your sons need you.”


But I looked at them.  The two of them stood together looking at me.  There were standing together, shocked.  Neither was crying.  Were they too shocked at what happened or did they not care?  What had we made them into?

Giving a cry, I ran from the room and followed Royce into the dark night.


No one ever heard from my mom again.  Julian and I were taken by the social workers to live with foster parents who were really just members of the Pirate organization.  The Pirates treated our situation as if both parents had died and we’d inherited everything.  They arranged for us to go to boarding school, paying all of the expenses.

While there, I realized that I needed to prove myself better than both of my parents.  I devised a plan.  I was going to be Leader of the Free World some day.  I wouldn’t let love or money get in my way.  I would use the vampire gifts I’d been born with and I’d become the most powerful man in the world!


I sat beside my Grandma Jeri’s sick bed and read the news article to her.  “It says that Glenna Fields was murdered by Royce Kendrick, the father of a criminal mastermind, named John-Paul Kendrick in Barnacle Bay.  She was taken prisoner, according to the police, who found evidence of her incarceration in the Kendrick home.  The police don’t know why she was a prisoner there, but both Royce and John-Paul’s wife, fled the scene and have not been found.  They were all vampires.  The police suspect that the vampires were using her as food.”

It took everything that I had to keep my voice emotion free.  I’d cried for hours when I first heard the report.  It was part relief knowing that my  mother hadn’t abandoned me and part grief that she was gone.  It had been nearly two years of hell not knowing where she was.  Coming off of the death of my mother’s partner, Sunwon Cho, her disappearance had devastated, nearly destroyed me.


And then I’d lost the only other family I had, Keenan, who was sent away to boarding school after my mom went missing.  He became a warden of the state.  My grandmother tried to get custody of him, but only succeeded in becoming his guardian.  He was a certified genius, so the state wanted him to have the best education.  They sent him to the best prep school in the country.  I only saw him twice a year.

And now that my mother was found, I wished desperately that he was with me.  She was dead.  I hoped they’d let him come for the funeral.  I needed him.  I had many aunts and uncles (most nearly the same age as me), but I needed my ‘brother’.

“She didn’t abandon you,” Grandma Jeri patted my knee weakly.  “I told you.”

“I know Grandma.”

“My poor Glenna!  No mother should lose a child before she dies.  It’s not right.”

I hugged her frail body and we both cried.  I was surprised.  I thought I had no tears left.


When I left Grandma Jeri’s room, I made myself a promise.  Somehow, someway, I was going to do something to prevent what had happened to my mom from happening to anyone else.  These criminal organizations had to be stopped.  And there needed to be restrictions on vampires, so they couldn’t kidnap innocent people to feed from.  Changes needed to be made.  The least I could do would be to help make them.

Author’s Note: I had a few more screenshots planned for this update.  I really wanted to get into the double murders and show Royce killing Glenna a bit better, but my game was being really difficult.  The party caused about 5 CTDs.  I’m not sure why, but I just couldn’t get it to last long enough to do the deaths.  I was lucky just to capture Glenna offing JP.  I think it will be about a week before I have Lila’s first update.  I am going back to an earlier save to start her story.  It will be after Sunny’s death and before Glenna’s abduction.


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16 Responses to Candice Fields, Criminal: Chapter 9

  1. Ashley Williamson says:

    :O. WOWW. great update i wasnt suspecting that.

  2. Holy he’ll! That was AMAZING! And both JP and Glenna!?! WoW! I’m totally speechless. This was really incredible. I see you’re doing something similar as to True Blood with the Political gen and two different viewpoints on vampirism. Pretty cool. I can’t wait for the next Gen. This was an awesome evil generation H! Just awesome.

    • hrootbeer says:

      Thank you. I do want to show two sides of vampirism and I didn’t want Malcolm or Julian to disappear from the story. This way everyone knows where Malcolm is without me having to tell too much of his story.

  3. StyxLady says:

    D: I can definitely understand Glenna’s motivation, but I would have thought she’d try to escape to go back to Lila, rather than offing JP in front of a whole party full of people. Hmmm…double heirs next time?? 😀 Can’t wait to read their stories!

    • hrootbeer says:

      Glenna was too ashamed of being a vampire to go back to Lila. This was her only option. As for double heirs, that’s a no. Think of Malcolm as an opponent.

  4. scones says:

    Hi! New to your DITFT, and the last chapter really drew me in. Thank you for sharing it, and putting so much time into everything.

  5. kris1079 says:

    I really enjoyed the end of this generation!! I didn’t see that coming at all! I figured someone would end up dead but I didn’t foresee Glenna being one of the killers. I’m anxious to read the start of Lila’s story…she’s gorgeous, by the way!!

  6. Tipix says:

    Shame, what an ending! And poor Lila to have three mothers exit her life. I can’t wait to hear her story.

  7. Carebear728 says:

    Poor Glenna! Candy deserved to lose her love but I wish Glenna had made it out. Poor Lila I can’t wait to read her update

  8. Emy says:

    Omigosh. D: That was an amazing end to that generation. And intriguing, Lila will have to fight her half brother on the way to the top.

    Excited! 😀

    Poor Glenna. 😦

  9. Deeds says:

    Wow. I wasn’t expecting this ending at all. I’m really intrigued by this and very eager to see the struggle between the half-siblings. I’m really surprised that the two of them came to the same wants albeit for different reasons. This is definitely going to be an interesting generation 😀

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