Candice Fields, Criminal: Chapter 3

Author’s note: Seriously adult content chapter, more adult than I think I’ve ever written.  I wouldn’t read it at work or in front of your mother.  There’s tons of nudity and sex.  I warned you.


I’d agreed to have another child with JP, but I couldn’t keep myself away from his father, Royce.  I loved neither of them, but I couldn’t stop fucking either one of them.  I wonder if it is a vampire power…a sort of allure they give off.

I wanted to hate them both, but I couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t make myself stop responding to either of them.


Of course I was afraid that JP might not be the father of the next child, but I honestly didn’t care.  They were the ones making me have a child.  It wasn’t part of the agreement that JP had to be the father.

But, I still wasn’t pregnant by the time Jean-Paul and I were sent to China by the Organization.  Apparently some of our “customers” thought they could get away with not paying their bills or skimping on the relics and items our company regularly fenced.


Really, I don’t know what these stupid schmucks thought they were trying to get away with.  We were Pirates.  Did they think they’d be able to steal from us?


One of our “customers” was a certain Mr. Wang, a well-known Chinese stylist, and an underground relic thief.  He didn’t even see it coming when I went into his shop for a new look.

“Mr. Wang, you are a genius!” I enthused over the new clothes he had designed for me and the new haircut and dye job I’d gotten.  He was basking in the praise I heaped on him, so when I refused to pay and instead told him that he owed me the money he’d been withholding from the Pirates, he was quite put out.


“You just can’t come here and use my services without paying,” he screamed at me.  I just laughed.

“Oh, why not?  That’s what you thought you could do with the company.  Now pay up or I will have to get rough.  It would be a pity to put this shop out of business.  You do such good work.”

“But you can’t!”

“I assure you I can.”

And of course he paid.  Just like everyone else we came to see.


The rest of the time in China we spent working out at the Academy, going on adventures at the Forbidden Palace, and enjoying other pleasures, of course.

How was I supposed to resist JP?  His body was like a marble statue, the perfect male shape.  We went at each other so much that I was pretty sure by the time I left, I was indeed pregnant.  And I was sure that the baby was his.


When we came home from China, JP couldn’t wait to see Malcolm.  I was looking forward to seeing Royce.

Royce caught me in the bathroom.  I’d just finished throwing up, actually, but he didn’t seem to mind that.

“I missed you.”  He grabbed me and pulled me close.  I could feel exactly how much he missed me, and I was instantly wet.

But I pulled back from him.  “Royce, I think I’m pregnant again,” I said and tried to tell him that we should stop our affair, but he didn’t let me say anymore.  He kissed me and removed my clothes and took me into the shower where any resistance I had to him was washed away.

Boy those Kendrick men have a thing for the shower!  Not that I am complaining.


The next morning, I told JP that I suspected I was pregnant and he was thrilled.

“Good.  I can’t wait to see you round with my child again.  And it is mine, right?”

So much for JP not knowing about me and Royce.  He sat down in the chair next to me and gave me a knowing look.  He sipped his plasma juice nonchalantly while I struggled for an answer.

“Or course it’s yours!  We were fucking every second we could get in China.  That’s when I conceived.  I’m sure of it.”

“Good.  I don’t mind making the Old Man a grandfather again, but I want to remain an only child.”


Since our affair was out in the open, I didn’t bother to hide that I enjoyed spending time with Royce.  We weren’t always having sex together.  We also liked to go to Waylon’s Haunt dive bar and to the Vampire Retreat, the only vampire night club in town.

“Now that I’m pregnant again, you have to do what you promised.  If JP doesn’t turn me, you said you would.”

“Don’t worry, Babe.  I will.  Now if I can just slide this…Score!”

I had to believe that Royce meant what he said.  I figured that JP was probably going to back out of the agreement.


Because our family was growing as was our financial means in town, we decided to move to a larger house, one that was custom made for us with our particular needs in mind.

From the outside it looked like a pretty typical middle-income home.  It had a white picket fence, for Sim’s sake!  But the inside, or rather the basement, was made with a vampire in mind.


There was a subterranean pool and spa as well as a nice rec room.  Royce’s bedroom and home gym was also down there along with a bathroom.


The main floor had a foyer that opened into a great room that included a living area, dining room, kitchen and office space.  There was another bathroom and my favorite part of the house, a spiral staircase leading up to the upper floor.


The upper floor had three bedrooms and another bathroom.  We had a nursery, a child’s room, and the master bedroom.


Outside, JP had the backyard built with a tree house, sand box, and gnubb set.  Vampire children aren’t as restricted in the sun until their powers are fully mature.  In addition, there was a detached garage where we housed our bikes and the new purchase JP just made, a shiny new muscle car.


This time around, I flatly refused to take maternity leave.  I was sick of being passed up by the Organization because I was at home.   Therefore I was at work with JP when my water broke and I went into labor.


Another boy, for which I was grateful.  I really didn’t want to raise a girl.  I would always be reminded of Lila, whom I tried not to think.  Lila was with Glenna.  Glenna was her mother, and that was the way it was supposed to be.

We named this boy Julian.


The first thing I did when we brought Julian into the house was remind JP of his promise.  And like I suspected, he refused to turn me.

“Fuck, Candy.  We just got home!  Can’t we discuss this later.  You’re a new mother, for Sim’s sake!  Don’t you think you should get over giving birth and let our son get a little older?”


So I waited, but I continued to badger JP about it.  Mostly in the morning after we got home from work.  We’d go in to check on the boys and we’d fight.

“You’re so ambitious Candice.  Do you think being a vampire will help improve your job performance?”

“It isn’t about work!”

“What is it about?  Sex?  You’re fucking both me and my dad right now.  Who else do you want to do?  Are we going to start having vampire orgies in the house?  You know those are a myth, right?”

“It’s not about sex, you ass!”

When JP just scoffed at me, I reminded him that Royce agreed to change me if JP wouldn’t.

“Go ahead.  Ask Dad to do it.  He’ll say no, too.  He’s got you exactly where he wants you.  You’re the perfect suck and fuck.”

I gasped in outrage at that insult, but JP had even more to dish out.


“Look at me, Candice,” he dropped his voice and stared into my eyes.  I felt his vampire powers kick in and there was nothing I could do about it.  I had always suspected he was mesmerizing me, but this was different.


I felt him tilt my head and I knew he was going to feed from me.  I couldn’t stop him.  I tried, but I did nothing but stare into his eyes as his fangs descended.  I felt the sting of them going into my flesh and the sensation was almost erotic.

“Of course it’s about sex,” JP whispered in my ear between sucks on my vein.  “This feels good, right.  You can feel it all the way to here?”  He cupped me between my legs and I moaned.


He let me go and I nearly fell over.  But he held me up and continued looking into my eyes.

“I can hear your thoughts.  Read your mind.  You want me.  You want me to take you to our room and fuck you.  No, you want me to push you up against the wall and do it…” he chuckled.  “So impatient.  I prefer the more domestic approach.  We wouldn’t want our children to witness their parents having sex at such a young age.”

“You’re sick,” I managed to speak for the first time.

“But you like it.”  Oh god, I did.


In a daze, I felt JP take me to our room as he said he would.  He kept a running commentary of what he was going to do to me.  Even if I wanted to, I knew I couldn’t stop him.  And that’s why he was doing it.  He wanted me to know what was coming and know I couldn’t stop it.  He liked having me powerless.

Afterwards, I sat on the edge of our bed while JP gloated.  I had control of my mind and body again, but I found I couldn’t move.  JP may have forced me to do all of that, but he hadn’t made me enjoy it.  And I had enjoyed every minute of it.

“I told you Candice.  It’s about sex as much as power.  You’re actually going to make a great vampire, but you had to know exactly what it means.”

“So you’ll do it,” I didn’t turn to look at him.  I didn’t want to see his body and want him all over again.



I didn’t happen right away.  JP’s someday seemed like it was never coming.  We spent a lot of time with the children.  Even me.  Both Malcolm and Julian were getting older.  Soon Malcolm would be starting school.  I was getting desperate.


I begged JP every day.  I thought on the day he got his latest promotion he’d do it for sure.  But he kept putting it off.  I talked to Royce about it as well.  But JP was right about his father.

Royce said that JP was going to do it, so he didn’t have to.  Royce even had some odd notion about the two of us (JP and me, not Royce and me) getting married and he didn’t want to “interfere with a husband and wife.”  What bullshit.  It was exactly what JP had said.  I was Royce’s suck and fuck.


“You know we’re never getting married,” I said as I admired Royce’s naked behind as he sank into the hot tub next to me.

“Crazier things have happened.”

“You don’t want us to get married.  Because then we couldn’t do this,” I said as I reached for him under the water.


He sucked in a breath as I pumped him.  “Why not,” he asked as I worked him.  “Married women agree to love only one man.”

“Bullshit, Candy.”  JP turned so that he could kiss me.  I never stopped what I was doing under the water until I felt his hand touch me.  Then I pulled back and smiled at him.


He took that as an invitation to go down on me.  Vampires can stay underwater for a long time.  By the time he surfaced, I had come twice.  We finished in his bedroom.


So there I was, caught between JP and Royce.  Nothing had changed since the first time we argued about turning me and JP refused until I had a second child.  JP didn’t seem to mind that Royce and I were sleeping together.  It didn’t seem to dampen his feelings for me at all.  He’ d still want me any time anywhere, and I couldn’t resist him.

I suppose it should have been awkward the night when Royce came home from work and found JP and I together near the pool.

“Hello there kids,” I greeted wickedly raising his eyebrow at his son.  “Don’t mind me.  Finish up.”


“I’m so tired of all of this,” I said, laying my head against JP’s shoulder.  “Let me up.”

JP protested, but I kissed him to shut him up.  Then I got up and turned to his father.

“Isn’t this what you two have wanted this whole time?  I’m shocked it’s never happened before.”  I walked slowly to Royce.  I knew he could read my intent so I gave him time to stop me.  I gave them both time.

Then I kissed Royce the same way I’d kissed his son.  When I felt JP’s body pressed against mine, I knew this is what we’d all be waiting for.  Someday I’d get one of them to turn me, but right then, I let them love me.

Both of them.


Sunwon and I decided to move in together when the news of our relationship hit the media.  What was the use in hiding it anymore, not that I was really doing that.  Mom didn’t seem to mind and her critics didn’t hold my sexual orientation against her.

The décor of our new place left a lot to be desired.  It was like the 1970’s exploded in the house.  Sunwon, who’s tastes were much wilder than my own, loved it.

“Isn’t this perfect!  Don’t you love the wall paper.  It’s so over the top retro!”

I knew we’d redecorate all or most before we actually moved in.  Especially the bedrooms upstairs.  Ours, the master bedroom actually came furnished with two twin beds!  Twins like I Love Lucy or something!

I wanted Lila’s room to be special, too.  I wanted her to really like the move because there was something about it that I hadn’t told her.

Sunwon had a brother, Keenan Cho, and he was coming to live with us.  He’d been living with her parents in Sim City, but her mom and dad were getting older.  He was a late-life baby and they felt it would be better for him to be raised by his sister.


So I made Lila’s room in her favorite color.  I even got her a bunk bed since it was something she’d always wanted.


Sunwon paid as much attention to Keenan’s room as I did with Lila’s.  She found out that he liked rockets and sci-fi things and decorated his room that way.  Keenan, however, was older than Lila, so I hoped that he’d still like the room when he was a teen.  I worried that she’d made it too child-like.


Our first breakfast together as a family, our worries were put to rest.  I looked up at Sunny and knew that she was feeling relief, too.  It felt like we were a real family then as we each ate the pancakes that she made.  The kids talked about the school and the people Lila thought were nice and who to avoid.  The honk of the bus interrupted them and both scampered to get ready.

“Bye Mom!”  “Bye Sissy!”

Their footsteps faded and the bus drove away before I looked at my lover and sighed in relief.

“Well that went really well,” she said.

“I think things are going to be just fine.  We’re a family now.”


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13 Responses to Candice Fields, Criminal: Chapter 3

  1. Emy says:

    I kind of feel a little sorry for Candy. She’s turning into some kind of vampire sex slave and she can’t do a damn thing about it. On the other hand, I feel really sorry for her kids.

    Glenna and Sunwon are so cute together. ❤ In contrast. XD

    • Hrootbeer says:

      She can’t and she won’t. The kids do appear sort of neglected even though they really aren’t.

      I’m glad you like the contrast. That’s what I’m trying to play up, so I’m glad you noticed it. Every scene with Glenna should contrast with the chapter for Candice.

  2. StyxLady says:

    Candice definitely leads an interesting life, but I think it suits her. I think it’s funny that she keeps making comments about what she should and shouldn’t do morally, such as married women not cheating on their husbands. It’s like she feels like she should have standards, but she’s glad when the men she’s with don’t care if those standards are enforced. It’s freeing for her. She can truly be herself. I absolutely love the names of all the generation 8 kids. Lila, Julian and Malcolm are all gorgeous names.

    I’m wondering if something will develop between Lila and Keenan down the road.

  3. hrootbeer says:

    I actually love all of the Gen. 8 kids. I was pretty sure I had which one I wanted for heir in mind, but I keep thinking of stories for each one. I might have to let the readers weigh in on the decision.

    I’m glad you got the feeling that JP’s evil is sort of freeing Candice. Her morals come from the Fields side of her and she has trouble breaking them. All of the previous Fields, even Mickey, have been so family oriented even when they didn’t have the trait. But that’s not really Candice.

    I hope that people see that she sort of willingly does what she does. JP’s only dominated her once. Royce never even instigates their affairs. She is the one who approaches him. So while she’s sort of captivated by her men, she’s allowing it. I suppose that makes her kind of weak?

    Well, all I have to say about Candice is that she’s a difficult character for me to write about. I don’t much like her and that’s hard to overcome. I don’t want a happy ending for her; I want it for Glenna, but I think that neither of them are going to get it.

  4. Tipix says:

    Seeing both sisters’ stories slowly unfolding is absolutely nerve wrecking. They both seem to be going such different paths, yet somewhere they’re bound to intersect. And when and if they do, I have a feeling that it’s not going to be for a happy Fields family reunion.

  5. I love the contrast between the two lives, yet even though Candice’s life is bizarre it doesn’t feel like it is. I guess its cause she’s the one talking about it and it really isn’t to her. Its how her life is, other then her not getting ‘everything’ she wants.

  6. It’s kind of funny, because to me Candice lives a kind of sad life where she’s used for her body not only for sex, but also for its reproductive capabilities, but at the same time…Candice actually likes her life besides not getting turned into a vampire yet. Also, as badly as she wants this, I’m surprised she doesn’t give up on JP and Royce and just find someone else to do it. I guess she’s strung along by the promise…and the great sex, haha. I’m wondering how long this so-called peace can last though….

    As for Glenna, I also liked the contrast and am glad things are going so well for her right now. =) Though I do also get the feeling that her peace won’t be lasting much longer either…..

    • hrootbeer says:

      In my game, there are no other vampires in Twinbrook or in Barnacle Bay. There were quite a few in Bridgeport. I actually brought Royce and his family from Bridgeport. He was once Royce Schlick, but he married Gwen Fields. Gwen’s dad was Kara’s brother Paul and her mom was Meili Kendrick.

  7. Carebear728 says:

    I agree I feel bad for Candy as shes just being used as a sex toy but I wish she paid for attention to her kids

    • hrootbeer says:

      Unfortunately, she doesn’t care about the kids. I might as well have given her the ‘dislikes children’ trait. But her lack of attention to her kids will have a huge impact on the next generation. I finally thought of a great idea for the next heir! I am actually thinking of wrapping this generation up somewhat early. I have an ending that will happen pretty soon. It’s almost time for Glenna and Candice to meet up again.

  8. Deeds says:

    The contrast between the sisters is incredible. They both have morals to uphold but where Glenna actually does respect herself and the people around her, Candice looks for excuses not to. I’m very intrigued by what’s going to happen next.

    • hrootbeer says:

      I’m working on it 🙂 I have been busily setting up what happens next. There’s a lot to stage and build. I needed to play as Glenna for awhile. I also needed to get the set for some of the scene. I ended up making a new Twinbrook save file and moving all of the families over to it. I’ve been cheating up a storm! Oh, and I’ve built a few sets for the NEXT generation. I have a great idea and it’s going to all have to flow together. I’m excited to get it all done. I hope it will happen soon.

  9. kris1079 says:

    Man, what a messed up life Candice has! I get that she is doing this because it’s the life she wants but she does always seem to be at odds with both men. It does seem like they have a spell over her, but it seems she stays because whe wants to. It’s nice to have Glenna’s story alongside of Candice just to lighten things up a bit! I really have enjoyed Candice’s generation so far, but I agree with you, she’s not very likeable…but most Gen 7 heirs aren’t supposed to be 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you have in mind for Gen. 8…I can’t imagine any of Candice’s offspring will turn out okay…well maybe Lila, but I’m sure she’ll have issues with being abandoned by her evil mother.

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