Candice Fields, Criminal: Chapter 2

Author’s note:  This chapter contains adult content.  I would hope that readers of this blog already expect mature subjects.  Nudity, language, immoral social behavior.  Candice is evil…she’s not a nice girl at all.


Candy Buckets was a real badass.  Porn-star name aside, I liked being able to be myself around JP and Royce.  One of the first purchases I made was my new motorcycle, The Beast.

“God you’re hot riding that thing.  I think about it roaring between your thighs and it inspires me to all sorts of naughty things.”

“Oh?”  I raised an eyebrow and revved the engine.  “Race you home!”  JP hopped onto his own  new purchase, a speedy black racing bike.  It wasn’t as noisy as my Beast, but JP loved it.  He called it Carrie.


Maybe my new name gave me something to live up to.  JP and I couldn’t seem to get enough of each other.  It didn’t matter where we were, what we were doing, who else was around.  We went at each other like rabbits.

Maybe it was the fact that JP was a vampire.  But fucking him was so different than it was with Pascal.  He was an animal.  I loved it.


You’d have thought that having Royce living with us would have made me more modest and circumspect around the house, but I honestly didn’t care.

“Looking good, Candy.  From the sounds of things, you must be starving.”


“I bet.  But JP seems sated.”

“Oh he is!”  I chuckled knowingly.

“Too bad all I have are these lousy plasma juices.”

“Get your own blood donor,” I finished up my toast, got up from the table, and gave Royce a wink as I sashayed out of the room.  I put a little extra hip action into my movements and was rewarded with a needy groan from him.

Who knew that sex could make you feel so powerful.  I had only scratched the surface when I seduced Pascal away from my sister.


JP and I were doing pretty well at our job.  We worked for an Pirating organization.  I suppose that made sense since we were living in Barnacle Bay.  The company’s front was tourism and entertainment.  On the surface, most of the idiots who dressed in pirate attire to amuse tourists were employed by the same company as we were.  But we were the actual “pirates”.  We robbed, pillaged, plundered and raped wherever they told us to go.  Sometimes our piracy was corporate.  Sometimes we were thugs.  Sometimes we were just curriers.

It didn’t matter what they asked us to do, JP and I were eager to improve our standing in the organization.


That’s why when we were asked to go to a party hosted by one of or colleagues, we agreed to go.  It was a baby shower, actually, which I thought was pretty stupid.  Laurel Lai was my main competition for work and she was hugely pregnant.

“Too bad you missed out on the diamond job,” I commiserated with her, though I was thankful that I’d been able to take her place.  “It went smoothly and I got a raise.  Maybe you’ll get the next one,” I said insincerely.

Meanwhile JP was on the other side of the house schmoozing with one of the guys, Armand Drummond.  They were talking sports.  Guys always had to easy in the small talk department.  It helped that Royce was an athlete and played for the Llamas.

“Yep, he’s my dad,” I heard JP say proudly.  But then Armand said, “I suppose it isn’t really cheating that he’s a vampire.  He’s just as weak as anyone during day games.”  I thought JP was going to rip Armand’s face off, but instead he just laughed and agreed.

“But don’t get into a game at night.  Dad’s wicked fast and extra strong.”


JP would definitely be one to judge his dad.  The two of them were always sparring inside the house during the day.

“Can’t you guys do that out on the porch or something?” I had to get after them.

“The sun’s out.”

“Won’t the veranda protect you?”

“Not that much.”

“Well just don’t break a window,” I warned them.

Of course everything with the two of them was a competition.  It amused Royce to challenge JP to sparring matches.  Royce, of course, had more experience and won more often than he lost.


JP took the challenges in stride, even though I was often the prize for the winner.  The first time Royce said that I’d kiss the winner I was shocked.  I didn’t think JP’d go for it, but he did.  And when he lost, he graciously allowed Royce to give me a small kiss on the mouth.

“No tongue!  No tongue Dad.  You won, but she’s not yours.”

“You’re no fun, kid.”  Royce pulled away from me and patted me on the ass as he left the room to go shower.

“Hands off Dad!”


Royce often looked at me.  I knew he wanted me just as much as JP did.  Was it so bad that I encouraged his admiration a little?


I figured Royce was pretty harmless.  He flirted with a lot of women.  I know that he didn’t confine himself with plasma juice.  He managed to find willing donors, too.


Actually, both Royce and Jean-Paul had other donors than me.  JP couldn’t feed from me exclusively or I would have been severely weakened.

I suppose that vampires don’t get jealous as humans do simply because they can’t afford to be monogamous.  And I found that I didn’t even mind that much that JP drank from other women.  As long as we wasn’t fucking any of them, I didn’t mind one bit.


And therein lies the problem with vampires.  Giving your blood is an intimate act.  Sure, you don’t have to do anything more than donate, but it’s difficult to separate the sex from the feeding.

So is it a surprise to find out that on one of the occasions I donated to Royce, things went a bit farther than they’d gone before?

We were at the new Vampire club in Barnacle Bay.  It had an underground pool and spa.  Royce and I were there relaxing after work.  JP was actually working late.

“Just a small drink, Candy.  Please.  I don’t like the synthetic crap they serve here.”

We’d been taking a dip in the hot tub.  Perhaps that’s why I gave in.  We’d been naked together, already a sort of risqué behavior.  JP never minded my lack of modesty at home.  He might have minded my public display, however.


So I let Royce drink from me.  It wasn’t the first time.  And it wasn’t the first time he’d kissed me.  But it was definitely the most passionate.

“Let’s get back in the tub,” Royce tried to seduce me.  He whispered what he wanted to do to me under the cover of the water.  “No one will know.”

“We can’t,” I breathed.  I let him kiss my neck and I felt my will to resist melt away along with the support of my knees as I pressed against him.

“What about JP?” I tried to fight the reaction of my body.

“I don’t think he’ll mind.”


I am not sure how I did it, but I did manage to put Royce off.  I wanted him.  Believe me I wanted to let him do whatever he wanted in the spa, but I had enough of a conscious about hurting JP to stop it from happening.  When JP finally joined us at the club after he got off his extra shift, he found Royce and I dancing in the night club.  Maybe Royce was holding me too closely, but he easily gave me to JP when JP cut in.

“Hello my wicked one,” JP whispered in my ear.  “Care for a bite?”  He nibbled down my neck until he got to the spot Royce had already drunk from.

“Oh, what is this?!”

“Um…your dad…” I stammered, but then I was surprised when JP laughed.  He looked over at his dad who was dancing with a skinny brunette.

“Unfair old man!  You owe me a free pass next time we spar!”

JP didn’t seem to be bothered by the bite at all.  He went up the the bartender and ordered a synthetic bottle of O.  After he finished we danced a bit more and then JP coaxed me into the elevator where he finished what his father had started down in the hot tub.


Perhaps I should have suspected something was wrong the night that JP and I were working what should have been a routine smash and grab and instead we ended up in the middle of a great cluster fuck and got arrested.

Normally we weren’t that sloppy, but I’d been off my game for weeks.  I was just a fraction of a fraction off on my entry into the second story of the building.  I shouldn’t have tripped the alarm, but I did.  And then, I was sort of feeling queasy, so I didn’t realize what had happened until it was too late.  We were caught.

JP could have escaped and left me to face the charges alone, but he stayed.

“Don’t worry, Candy.  The Organization will get us out of here soon enough.  Just hold tight.”

He played dominos with other criminals in the jail, but I spent most of the night sitting on a cot trying not to be sick all over the place.  I wouldn’t want all of the other thugs to think I was weak.


I figured out what was wrong with me me soon enough.  “A fucking baby, JP!  How the hell did this happen?  You’re a fucking vampire.  How the hell???!!”

“Calm down, Candy.  It happens the same was as it does with humans.  Lots of freaking fabulous sex and no protection.”

“What do you mean no protection!  I didn’t know we needed to use any.  I just thought…”

“Aren’t you happy at least a little bit!?”

“Fuck no!  I already went through this pregnancy crap!  If I thought I could get pregnant I would have asked you to turn me much sooner.  I’ve been putting it off.”

“You want to be a vampire?”

“Yeah.”  And then my fucking hormones kicked in and I started to cry.  JP gathered me in his arms and told me everything would be fine.  He said he was happy, even if I wasn’t.  He said he wished my first child had been his.


Both Royce and JP were thrilled I was pregnant.  Royce thought it was fantastic.  Eventually I settled into the idea, but since I was restricted from working and other strenuous activities, I made both guys sorry that I was getting fat and miserable.


Only Royce was home when I finally went into labor, but JP did manage to make it to the hospital before the birth of our son, Malcolm Fields (though his birth certificate said Malcolm Kendrick).


“Well that was a lot easier than the first time,” I remarked for about the third time since Malcolm was born.

“You were a teenager when Lila was born.”

“Thank goodness I don’t have to do that again,” I added.  Neither Royce nor JP said anything to that.


JP loved Malcolm and was a fantastic father right from the start.  He was a bit upset when I didn’t get all motherly and stuff regarding our son.

“I just don’t like kids much,” I said.

“But he’s our son.”  I shrugged.  I thought maybe I’d feel differently about this boy than I had about the girl, but I really didn’t.  Malcolm seemed to be more JP’s than mine, like Lila had seemed more like Glenna’s.


I didn’t completely neglect Malcolm, not like I had Lila, but I didn’t really feel the need to spend every waking moment with him.  Since I was no longer pregnant, I went out and treated myself to a spa day.  I even let them talk me into getting a tattoo.  JP had one and I’d always wanted one.


The other thing I did to occupy my time until I could go back to work, was spend time working on my inventions and developing my latest talent: demolitions.  This new skill was extremely satisfying.  I knew it would become handy on some of our jobs, but to be honest, I just did it for the explosions.


Mostly I practiced in the junk yard and then brought home the scrap I had collected.  When JP complained that I was spending too much time at the junkyard blowing things up, I reminded him that my hobby was just like his own, chemistry.  It was good for our real work and not as dangerous if you were careful.  There really was nothing he could say.  He’d set himself on fire more than I had and he was a vampire, so he burned a lot more easily.


Speaking of being a vampire, JP refused to turn me.  He wanted another baby first.  I, of course, didn’t want a baby at all.  It was something we fought about all the time.

Even Royce didn’t support me.  I asked him to turn me when JP said he wouldn’t.  I figured Royce would agree if for no other reason than to do something that JP would not do.  But instead he said, “I have to agree with my son.  If you want another child, you should do it while you are still human.  You have a chance of a human child that way.”


Malcolm was a vampire, just like JP and Royce.  His condition hadn’t been apparent at first, but the older he got, the more obvious it became.  There was no denying that he was part vampire.


“I don’t want more children!”

JP heard me and Royce talking and came into our office.  “Candy, listen.  I know what you’ve always planned.  You wanted to be with me so I’d make you a vampire.  Well, I told you I’d do it.  But first I want another child.  Just one more.”

“Having a baby is not a weapon you can hold over my head!” I fumed.  “It’s my body.”

“Well making you a vampire isn’t something you can hold over my head either!  I don’t have to turn you.”

I turned to tears, hoping I could sway JP (or Royce) into seeing things my way.  “I thought you loved me and wanted to be with me for eternity!?”


“Oh give it a rest Candy!  You don’t love me any more than I love you!  We are a perfect fit, you and I.  We’re both evil little shits and will do anything to get what we want.

I happen to like that about you.  That and the way you scream when I’m fucking you.”

“She is quite a yeller,” Royce chimed in and I gave him a dirty look, but I made no more effort to fake my tears.  I just glared at them both.

“I’ve been loyal to you,” I hissed at JP.  “I never once fucked your dear old dad even when he had me so hot I wanted to melt all around him.”

“Earned me $100,” JP chuckled.  “Dad thought you’d give it to him without any effort.  I told him that you were too much a Fields.”

“Don’t talk about my family!”


“Fine.  But if you want to be a vampire so badly, then you’ll have to agree to my deal.  Dad will hold me to it.  If I don’t turn you, he will.  Right Dad?”

“Sure, but she’ll have to fuck me first.”  He grinned every bit as evilly as his son when I snarled it him.

“One more baby.  And then you can become a vampire.  We can continue on just like we are now.”  JP acted like it was a reasonable business request.  I knew it wasn’t, but I also knew that this was the only way I’d get what I wanted.  I wanted eternity and the power that I could gain by being a vampire.  I’d been using JP to get that.  No he was using me, but I’d still get what I wanted.


I really couldn’t resist JP in the end.  He pretty much held all of the cards.  He left me after I agreed to his terms, driving off to work on his sexy black bike.  I hated it that I still wanted him despite how he was treating me.

“You’ll see that this is the best way, Candice.  I do love you, in my way.  You’re the mother of my children, after all.  Vampires mate for life, don’t they Dad?”

“They do.”

JP raced away and I just stood there until I could no longer hear the sound of his muffler.

“Vampires mate for life, but that doesn’t stop them from being with whomever they want,” Royce came up and brushed a hand across the back of my neck.



I let Royce feed from me first and then I fucked him right there in the room JP and I shared.  I melted around him and screamed as much as I ever had with JP.  And I realized that JP was right about us.

All of us.

We would do whatever it takes to get what we want.

Screenshot-69 (3)

I took Sunwon to my brother Ben’s wedding.  My parents liked her well enough.  They think she’s just my friend.

“I told you that I hadn’t been able to figure out where Candice went after China,” I said to Sunwon and my mom during the reception.  “But I have been thinking.  I think she came back to this country but not to Twinbrook.  I’ve been looking in all of the metropolitan areas.  Candice always had big plans and dreams of earning lots of money.  She liked to invent things.  I’ve been following that angle.”

Screenshot-149 (2)

It was never my intention to keep my relationship with Sunwon a secret.  I just didn’t plan to come out to my parents exactly the way I had.

“I promised you a date where we talked about the movie we’d seen and the good time we were having.  No talk about my sister.  How am I doing so far?”

Sunwon laughed.  “You just mentioned her.”

“Shit.  Sorry.  Let’s just go in.  From now on, it’s just fun times.”


The rest of the date was awesome.  Sunwon and I were maybe a bit too affectionate.  Nothing really happened, but Jimmy Ronkowski, the reporter who often follows me around, decided to write that we’d been intimate in public.

So much for breaking things to my parents gently.  Luckily mom and dad were ok with the situation.  Since they didn’t overreact, the press really didn’t have a story and it was dropped.

Screenshot-102 (4)

I didn’t give up looking for Candice, but I did put it on the back burner and tried to get on with my life.  I didn’t just do it for me and Sunwon.  I also did it for Lila.

She was getting older and it was time that both of us move on.

“Do you think Sunny will have a computer for me to use at the new house,” Lila asked me as we were eating cake together on her birthday.

“I’m sure she does,” I assured her.  So far Lila was as excited as I was that we were moving to Sunwon’s house.  I think she liked the idea of having her own room and being an only child.  Our house was a bit crowded.

“Will we be a real family and can I call Sunny Mama, too?”  I nearly choked on my cake.  Lila had always called me Mama.  I stopped correcting her when Candice left.  I’d actually taken the necessary steps to officially adopt her once I realized Candice wasn’t going to return.

“I suppose you can call her Mama.  Or whatever you want.  You should ask her.”  Lila nodded and dug into her cake.  I wondered what Sunwon would think about her new motherhood.  Maybe she’d be happy and would want another baby.


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13 Responses to Candice Fields, Criminal: Chapter 2

  1. swimswam16 says:

    Great chapter! Loving this generation

  2. StyxLady says:

    I know they’re evil, but I am absolutely loving the interaction between JP, Royce, and Candice. Such guilty fun to read about. XD

    And Candice might not be happy about babies, but I am! Malcolm is adorable.

    I’m also happy for Sunny and Glenna. Lila keeps getting prettier! ❤

  3. ROFLMAO!!! “Malcolm Kendrick” That’s just AWESOME! Great name, really great awesome name. . . 😉

    And wow! JP and Candy have some “Twilight” issues going on. . . (She wants to be turned and he wants something out of it.) LoL. Sorry for the comparison, but it’s there. At least he’s not all *Sparkaaaly!* LoL. Haha. Great update and its so sweet Lila wants to call Sunwon Mama. awww.

    • hrootbeer says:

      Damn! I was going for something a bit more like True Blood (Sookie Stackhouse books or HBO series).

      • Well I think you have that with the plasma drinks – those are what Bill drinks – True Blood. haha. And Eric feeds off of everyone! LoL. So theres that too. Just Sookie doesn’t really want to be turn, but Bella always did. Edward said he’d only do it if she married him, so as I see it R.J. is pretty much doing the same thing. But there are some True Blood references there too. 😉

  4. Emy says:

    Ooooo, I love the interactions between the vampires, hehe. I love that she’s attracted to both Royce and JP, and I love how evil JP is. Betting on where his girl would give it away, lol. XD

    Loved this chapter. 😀

    • hrootbeer says:

      JP is turning out to be a lot more than I expected. When he first met Candice, I knew I was going to use him, but I’m pleasantly surprised at how interesting he’s becoming. He’s more evil than her, I think. But in his way (and in hers) he really does love her. Obviously he wants kids with her.

  5. They are a set these three. Truly questionable about their morals. Its funny that at first it was just candice using people but then now Royce and JP’s characters are coming out that they are all using each other. I just wonder who will win out in the end.

    • hrootbeer says:

      We’ll have to see. I figure Candice would be pretty boring and one dimensional if she was always getting what she wanted. Have to give her some conflict.

  6. Tipix says:

    Having Candice as heiress right after Jeri’s very family-oriented narrative is such a contrast! Definitely one of the aspects about DITFTs that I enjoy the most.

    Royce and JP’s characters are developing so interestingly in the story, and I absolutely love the bizarre scenario Candice has found herself in regarding becoming a Vampire. Somehow you’ve managed to logically have her end up on the way to becoming a mother of three, I cannot believe it! I never thought she’d have another child after Lila.

  7. kris1079 says:

    I’m really loving the dynamic between these three…they are so evil! I knew it was only a matter of time before she ended up with Royce too…I liked the twist with him and JP having a bet on that.

  8. jungfrun68 says:

    A steamy chapter, indeed!

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