Annoying errors

Update:  I think I may have done something in the uploading of my new stuff packs that messed up the order of patches.  I can’t get the game to last for more than 20 minutes before CTD.  I decided to  uninstall and reinstall in order.  That’s taking more time that I thought.  I have been SUPER busy this week, so I can only do one or two a night.  I hope to have all uploaded this weekend.

While I am thankful for my bounty on Saturday, yesterday was not such a great day.  I easily installed my stuff packs.  I had to uninstall and re-install Late Night because they have to be done in order.  I got everything up and running.  I tested the game without mods or any CC.  I got a CTD.  Then I remembered that I have to turn off my data protection crap for each game.  I did that.  I log in to a vanilla game.  30 minutes in I CTD.  Shit.  Ok, do clean sweep of my computer’s registries etc.  Start again.  This time I get a save in at 30.  Cool.  I replace my mods and CC.  Start it up again.  I no longer have CTDs, but now I am getting Error 12s every time I save.  EVERY TIME!

I know that it is a world save error, but I have exhausted all fixes that I have ever had success with.  Does anyone have a suggestion or a solution that has worked for you in the past?


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4 Responses to Annoying errors

  1. Ok when I was getting 12 and 16 codes with Tragedy last year I alt+Tab out delete the save and the bad save and the backup from the folder (or move it) and then went back into my game and clicked save as. That always worked.

  2. Tipix says:

    I found only keeping one or two save files in my saves folder at a time (& keeping .backup folders elsewhere) helped reduce the errors I was having, as did the CFF Explorer fix – but I’ve noticed that the Outdoor Living Stuff Pack already has been altered to make the CFF Explorer fix redundant. Opting to ‘Save As’ instead of ‘Save’ also seems to help.

    • hrootbeer says:

      I have Twallan’s saver mod, which automatically does a “Save As” every 30 real time minutes. I think I will try Kristine’s suggestion. I do have a lot of alternate saves in there.

      • audiobebop says:

        I think with Twallan’s Saver, you can get rid of the number on the end of the save and it’ll save it as the original. That’s what I do anyway, and I think the max amount of saves I’ve ever had in a game is probably…3? My legacy, a backup for it, and my personal town file. I’ve never really needed more than that. XD

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