Jeri Fields, Fame and Family: The family years, part 4.


Jeri Field’s arrival in France was unheralded.   She was a little known commodity in the film industry at this point.  Her claim to fame came from close association with her aunt.  Jeri hoped that making her movie would change that.


“The first order of business, of course, was to scout out the locations for filming.  The first was the nectarary.”

It was at this location that Jeri met the young actress who was going to play the role she originally had written for herself.

“Jeannine was a French actress.  She was an unknown, too, and we both hoped that my movie would help us make it in the business.”

Jeri also met the young director that Virginia had chosen to direct her niece’s film.

“I wasn’t sure how I felt about Bastion Renaud at first.  I thought he dressed like a fool and had a silly hair cut, to be honest, but he seemed to know his stuff.”

Screenshot-13 Screenshot-10

While Jeri worked, her family enjoyed their time in Champs Les Sims checking out the local museums and going to the local shops and café.

“I hardly got to see any of the tourist locations.  Bastion kept us pretty busy.”


“I loved filming, though, and didn’t mind the rigorous shooting schedule.  I may not have gotten to visit many of the tourist locations, but I did get to see the country.  I fished in the river, worked in one of the vineyards, and spent hours in the local cemetery.”


The only thing Jeri did that interrupted the making of her movie was attend the wedding of her son Aaron and his bride, Felecia Saccrin-Williams.  The young couple was married outside the Museum d’Art.

“It was a lovely ceremony.  I am not ashamed to say that I cried like a baby!  Only our family was present and a few photographers, but that is how Aaron and Felecia wanted it.  Aaron never did like being in a large crowd of people.  I large wedding would have made him uncomfortable.”


“The wedding was so beautiful, though, that I decided that I wanted to film the wedding scene in the movie in the same location.  After the small dinner we had as a family, I called Bastion to arrange it with the Museum.  It was funny to me how life was mimicking art at that moment.  I knew the scene in the movie would be perfect because of how my son’s wedding was so perfect.”


Not everything was perfect in France, however.  While Jeri was busy making her dream come true, Phillip was having trouble with their daughter.  Candace was acting out.

“I didn’t know what was going on.  Candace started doing things like playing her drums in the middle of the night or not coming back to our hostel until early in the morning.  Phillip was furious, but she just blew him off.”


“After we got home from France I figured out that Candace might have been acting out because of Pascal, the local boy she and her sister befriended.  He spent time with both of the girls, but seemed to favor Glenna.  I didn’t make the connection until we got home.”


When the Fields returned home, Jeri’s oldest Aaron, and his wife Felecia, both joined the fire department.  They lived in the Fields’ home for a brief time until Felecia became pregnant.

“I was so excited to become a grandmother!  I know that I was really too young to have grandchildren, and that the people in the film industry are always critical of older women, but I didn’t care.  I couldn’t wait to become a grandmother.  I wanted lots of grandkids!”

The couple moved into their own home and later gave birth to a son named Aleksey.


Pascal Morel, the boy that the Fields twins had met in France came to visit the family a few months after they returned.  I stayed in Aaron’s old room after he and Felecia moved out.  Jeri, who hadn’t really known the extent of her daughter Candace’s behavior in France, was excited that the boy came to stay with them.

“Phillip had never told me about the majority of Candace’s actions.  He didn’t express his misgivings about having the boy come to Twinbrook.  And at first everything was fine.”


“I could see right away that Pascal and Glenna were more than just friends.  I thought it was cute.  I just hoped that she wouldn’t be too upset when he went back to France.  When I saw him interact with Candace, I figured they were just friends.”


“Candace actually seemed more friendly with John-Paul, my 2nd cousin Gwen’s son.  I was actually more concerned by that relationship than with Pascal.  Gwen had married Royce Schick, and her son had his vampirism.  I wasn’t sure I wanted my daughter to be dating a vampire.  Nothing good could come of such a relationship.”


“Pretty much everything was normal while Pascal was in our home.  He was friendly with all of our children.  We treated him like he was one of ours, and he got along well.  When he finally went back to France, we were all sorry to see him go.  Glenna was particularly sad, but she had plans to go back to France some day and see him again.  In the meantime they would talk on line and over the phone.”


Soon after Pascal left Twinbrook, Jeri’s movie was finished and about to be released.

“You’d think that would have changed my life, but it really didn’t.  Phillip and I were pretty much home bodies, staying in and interacting with our children.  While in France we’d really missed both Nick and little Micki.”


“We weren’t the type to always be out partying and enjoying the social night life.  The only time we really went out was when I was promoting the movie.  And of course we went to the Premiere and the after-party.”

Jeri’s movie was received with moderate success.  Just before it’s release, her aunt and producer, Virginia Fields, had passed away.

“I know that people heard more about the movie because of Aunt Virginia.  Bastion and I dedicated the whole film to her.  She would have understood about using her death to promote the film.  She knew how the industry worked.  She would have been happy that I was finally getting the attention as an actress that she felt I deserved.”


Unfortunately, Jeri’s movie wasn’t as big of a hit as she or her aunt had hoped it would be.  It did well and helped her get other parts, but it was not as life changing as some of her later films.

“I didn’t mind.  Our lives, like I said, remained largely unchanged.  I was able to be at home and watch my children progress with their lives.  I enjoyed watching my other boys become more involved with their girlfriends.  Jamie and Terry Kwan spent almost every day together.  I knew that as soon as he was old enough, he would marry her just as Aaron had married Felecia.

And though he was significantly younger, Ben and his girlfriend Erica Macknight, were just as close.  I really liked the girl, so I didn’t bug him about getting so serious while he was so young.”


Everything was not fine with Jeri’s daughters, unfortunately.  The two girls were not as happy.

“It was really Candace.  Ever since Pascal returned to France, she and her sister did not get along as well as they once had.”

“We fought a lot.  Candy was jealous of my relationship with Pascal.  She got upset whenever I would call him or we’d chat online.  I figured she didn’t like me spending so much time with someone who was not her.  I didn’t realize…”


“When she wasn’t fighting with Glenna or arguing with Phillip or me, Candace spent a lot of time alone.  I just thought she needed space, so I tried to give it to her.  She was always tinkering at the work bench or playing chess at the computer.  I didn’t really think much of it.


“I felt like a fool when I realized what was going on with my daughter.  Candace was sick a lot and had started wearing looser clothing.  I should have recognized the signs sooner than I did.

I should have known because, after all, I had lived through exactly what she was going through.”

Candace Fields was pregnant.

Author’s Note:

I’m sorry this chapter is so short.  Even though this is not where I wanted to end this part, I can’t seem to get my game to go any farther.  I am still experiencing tons of problems.  I am trying to get things fixed, but have had little luck so far.  It’s been so long, though, that I wanted to give people something to read.  The next part will have Candace’s baby, the revelation of the father (I don’t think I’ve been super secretive about it) and will start the next phase of Jeri’s life story.  If you haven’t figured out, Candace is the next heir.  I will write her version of everything that’s happened when I start her tale.  However, her mom’s story is not yet finished.  I estimate there are at least 2 more updates in this phase of her life and then 3-5 in her last phase.  That will take me up to the end of the “Biography.”

I just hope I can fix all the problems I’m having now.  I may have to go back to the saves BEFORE they went to France. *sigh*


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6 Responses to Jeri Fields, Fame and Family: The family years, part 4.

  1. tipix says:

    Amazing update, absolutely loved this chapter! Can’t wait to see where the rest of Jeri’s narrative. Hers has definitely been my favourite so far.

    I wish you the best of luck in getting past your game issues, I know how annoying it is to have to replay vacation saves over and over again! Personally, I’d suggest saving Pascal to your game bin in a new save and moving him into the Fields’ town to reinstate his relationship with the family rather than travel again. When I had him join my legacy that ended up being the only way to bypass some of the problems I was having.

    • hrootbeer says:

      That’s pretty much what I’m going to have to do. I think I’ve got most of the significant Sims saved and ready to put into a new town.

  2. StyxLady says:

    I knew Candice would be heiress! In the update you said had a hint, I noticed Mickey “spoiled her rotten,” so I thought it would be her since then. 😀 Now I’m wondering if I’m right about Mickey’s death…

    I’m sorry you’re having game troubles. :/ WA tends to cause that sometimes…dumb! Hope you can get it working smoothly again.

    • hrootbeer says:

      Hehe, that wasn’t the hint that I was thinking of, but it does work. If you look back at that post, her toddler shirt has a rocket on it. You know how evil Sims are always masterminding and their thought bubbles have a rocket in them…?

  3. Carebear728 says:

    Jeri is my favorite heiress Idk WHY ! and I love Candice too

  4. kris1079 says:

    I’m intrigued by the revelation of Candace as the evil heiress…for some reason I had thought it would be Aaron (until this update, of course). Interesting twist for her to be pregnant! I’m very curious to see how this goes…

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