Generation Five, Musician: Prologue


There were only two things that Shawn Fields had always wanted in life.  The first was to have a large family.  This he accomplished with the love of his life, Kara Fields.  They had five children, triplet girls and twin boys.  The second thing he wanted was to be a successful musician in a band.  Although he was in a band with Kara’s brother Paul, they were not as successful as Shawn would have liked.

Chapter 8 (17)Screenshot-26

Life got in the way of the band, but Shawn wasn’t sorry.  It didn’t matter that he had had to spend more time farming and inventing to make sure his family had enough finances to be comfortable.  The band was easily sacrificed to the family.  Even Paul, Juliette, and Meili gave it up as soon they started having kids of their own.


The only time Shawn ever thought of regretting his decision to focus on his family was when the children were out doing their own thing.  As the kids grew up, went to school, and hung out together, they didn’t need their dad to help them or be with them as much.  It was only then that he wished that the band had stayed active.  Farming and inventing only filled so much of the day.  And though he still occasionally moonlighted as a mixologist, Shawn sometimes wished for more to do.


Rather than dwell on what could have been, Shawn decided to teach each of his kids how to play an instrument.  They’d all learn the guitar, but if any of them wanted to know the other instruments, he made sure they had instruction.  He was very proud when the girls picked up their instruments so easily.


And it was even more gratifying when he saw how much the boys envied their sisters.  They couldn’t wait to play themselves.


Shawn wasn’t sure whose idea it was to start a family band.  Kara and he had decided when the girls were just children that they wouldn’t allow them to have an abnormal childhood.  Agents had been contacting them for years trying to get Sherona and Virginia into commercials.  So, while the boys were just kids, the idea of a family band was just that—an idea.  However, it was talked about by everyone (except Kara) with a lot of enthusiasm.

Though Kara was skeptical of allowing the kids to try something that might lead to inappropriate attention, Shawn was secretly proud of the kids and just as excited as they were.  He felt that as long as he and Kara kept the inappropriate attention away from the children, then it wouldn’t matter if the band was successful and they gained fame while they were so young.


When the boys became teenagers, Shawn was secretly thrilled that they both were so handsome.  Danny, with his sweeping sandy hair and honest, boyish face, would break young girls’ hearts.  And Mickey, with his edgy rocker look and his flame-bright hair, would also turn heads.  Shawn knew that when you added the two boys to the girls, who were each beautiful in their own way, the Fields Family band would have what it takes to get noticed in the image-obsessed music world.


Without telling the kids what was up, Shawn had them all go to the park to perform together.  It would be a test to see if people would want to listen to a teenaged family band.  And it worked better than he thought.  He figured it would take a lot longer to get noticed, but it must have been serendipity when Caitlyn Saccrin passed through the park on her way to work.  She heard the band and liked it.  She approached Shawn and offered to promote the band.  And F-5 was born.



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10 Responses to Generation Five, Musician: Prologue

  1. hrootbeer says:

    The reason I am being vague about the Gen. 5 heir is that I honestly haven’t chosen yet. I keep vacillating between two choices and neither one is “speaking” to me yet. The plot is going to be the same no matter what the main focus. I am sure of that…unless the game throws a wrench in the plans.

  2. You still haven’t decided? I love the whole family band thing no matter what you decide 🙂 I’m secretly voting for one of the male boys as heirs, but hey that’s just me. Great prologue H. Did I mention I really love the Fields? I do. I heart them all! LoL.

  3. SB says:

    I’m really enjoying this although I never understand legacy rules and can’t help with heirs. The band, Shawn’s wistful memories, the way he used that nostalgia to help his children, it’s all so beautifully written.

    • hrootbeer says:

      Thank you. The DitFT rules are pretty easy. You just have a set of objectives to accomplish each generation. This one is musician. I made sure that all of the kids have virtuoso as a trait and then I gave the compatible traits for becoming musicians. I randomize for variety and interest, but unlike other legacy rules, you can have a heavier hand in choosing what you want. In this case, I have the plot idea planned out, so I chose traits according to what I want to happen.

      Thank you for the compliments about the writing. Since starting this legacy, writing the story has been my focus. I’m using it as a way to get better at writing dialogue and action rather than just narrative.

  4. StyxLady says:

    Oh, I loved seeing things from Shawn’s POV. I’m so excited about the family band! Can’t wait to see who you ultimately pick. 🙂 So far you’ve switched genders every generation…will be interesting to see if that keeps up.

  5. Hey, h! I have been reading your blog, I wanted you to know (I’m sure that’s life changing news!) I just haven’t had the time to comment on all of the posts! Not for lack of thoughts, I promise, it’s just being a high school student with co-curricular activities and a job can make time…hard to find. But since you’re a teacher, you know that all-too-well, I’m sure. Anyway, I have yet to read this prologue, but I’m about to. I just wanted you to know I AM, in fact, a follower…apparently just not a very vocal one. 🙂

  6. Madcapp says:

    Nice a new band. 🙂
    I really love the heartbreak drums too. I can’t wait to see what adventures the kids get into. And luckily I don’t have to! *keeps reading*

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