May be longer

I fell on the ice yesterday at work and I tore my rotator cuff.  I landed on my butt slightly to the left side, so I didn’t hit my tail bone or my head or even jar my back or neck.  All of that’s good, but I did land on my elbow which pushed into my shoulder and I sort of twisted everything, thus the shoulder injury.  I don’t find it too difficult to work or type, but I’m supposed to keep my arm in a sling to immobilize my shoulder as much as possible.  So, while I might be able to  play and to type a little, I’m supposed to take it easy.  They said it might get better quickly–like a week–or it might not.  It’s hard to tell.  I didn’t break or fracture anything, so that’s good.

Anyway, I might get an update this weekend, I might not.  I haven’t played since the fall and though I’m not working tomorrow, I have no idea how my fun drugs are going to affect me.

This will stunt my comments, too.  I’m sorry for that.  I like commenting, but I’m going to have to be content with just Liking things for a little bit.

I love winter 🙂


About hrootbeer

I am a teacher, writer, rpg player, and Sim 3 addict.
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10 Responses to May be longer

  1. StyxLady says:

    Yikes, hroot! I’m so sorry about your fall. 😦 I hope you heal up soon!

  2. Now you take care of yourself H. Let those awesome drugs do their thing and keep that arm up. Don’t worry bout commenting. Just take it easy.

  3. Awww! I hope that you get better soon!

  4. bellalupa says:

    Good luck. I’ll just have to survive in twitch mode until the next update comes out! (Did I mention I’m addicted to this legacy?)

  5. tipix says:

    Shame, I hope you have a quick and full recovery!

    • hrootbeer says:

      I should be fine in a week or so. This isn’t a terrible injury or even a serious one. It’s mostly annoying rather than excruciating. The hardest part is the pain medications. The last injury I had that required stronger than over the counter pain killers, caused me to become slightly addicted to them. Since then, I’ve been VERY careful what prescription pain medications I allow doctors to give me. This time they wanted to give me hydros and I declined them. I got something called Tramedol (sp?), which I had never taken before. It’s not that strong, but it has a few side effects that I didn’t want to overwhelm me. What I discovered was that mostly it just makes me a bit tired and gives me dry mouth. I’m going easy on it. I can take it 2 times a day as needed, but I’ve limited myself to only 1 before bed. I really don’t have that much pain during the day as long as I don’t move my arm wrong. The sling is important, but also the most annoying thing that I have going on. And, as you might be able to guess since I’m typing this, I like to keep it off.

      • I’m on Tramadol for my liver pain (when I have it) and its not a narc like Vicodin. It isn’t very strong, but I wouldn’t worry about getting addicted to it. The reason I was rx isn’t because I’m House but because its safer for the liver. I only take the good stuff for my back the rest I use Tram for. And yes I am all kinds of messed up health wise.

        AND KEEP THAT SLING ON! Geesh H, we want you better! LoL.

  6. audiobebop says:

    Well, I’m glad it’s not a serious injury. The doctor imbued in me (thank my Dad, Mom and sister – their all in the medical field) got worried when you mentioned falling on the ice, because that can cause so many issues (another reason I’m not a fan of winter) but as long as there’s no lasting damage, that’s great!

    But yes, you should definitely take it easy, there’s no need to push yourself for us! We just want you better! 😀

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