Kara Fields, Renaissance Sim: Chapter 8

Chapter 8 (18)

What happens when you spend all of your time in bed (and sometimes not in bed!) with the man you love and you forget to use contraceptives?  Well, this is what happens.

Chapter 8 (6)Screenshot-131Screenshot-41

Actually, we only forgot the one time, but one time is all it takes.  So now I’m pregnant, but I can honestly tell you that it was worth the consequences to be so intimate with the man I love.  What better expression of our love can there be, really, than to create new life?

Chapter 8 (16)

Of course, when I told Shawn, he insisted that we get married.  “I’ve wanted to marry you since I was in high school.  So it’s not like we’re really getting married just because we’re going to have a baby.”

“Gee, that’s a romantic proposal,” I laughed and rolled my eyes.

“We could just have a quick wedding.  Go to the courthouse and say our vows in front of a judge.”

I looked at Shawn incredulously.  “No way!  I am not getting married in a quickie wedding.  Everyone would think we were getting married because of the baby then!”

“It was just a suggestion.”  Shawn concentrated on his waffles.

“Why don’t we just wait until after the baby is born? That way we have time to plan it all out, and I can wear a regular wedding dress.”  Of course, I wasn’t even showing yet.  I hadn’t even gone to the doctor.

“If we got married now, you could wear whatever dress you want.  It doesn’t have to be a courthouse wedding.  A back yard wedding would be fine.”

“It’s not fine!  I’ve always wanted a fancy wedding.  Somewhere glitzy like the Brightmore.  I want a party, cake, all of our friends and family present.  I want it all.”

Shawn smiled at me in a way that makes my knees go weak.  “I want whatever you want.” God I loved him!

I smiled back and then turned back to my breakfast.  “Well, I won’t marry you at all unless I get a better proposal,” I said, only half teasing.  “I want a ring and you on your knees so that I can jump up and down and squeal with delight.  I want the shiniest ring you can find!”

Chapter 8 (19)Chapter 8 (21)

And that’s exactly what I got.  It was a huge rock.  I’m not sure how Shawn was able to afford it.  He refused to say.  I squealed, just like I said I was going to.  Then I looked down at Shawn, and said “yes” like I had always planned to do…even when we were back in high school.


In the end we had the back yard wedding that Shawn mentioned, and I wore a maternity dress that showed every inch of my round belly.  (It was a stunning dress, though, and I was radiant, even if I do say so myself!)  I changed my mind for a couple of reasons.  The primary reason was that I couldn’t really come up with a good reason not to get married.


My brother, Paul, pointed out to me how silly I was being in insisting on waiting.  “Sis,” he said one morning over breakfast, “I don’t get why you want to wait.  You and Shawn have loved each other forever.  Don’t you want to be his wife right now?  Aren’t you already living like you’re his wife?”

I had no good answer, so he continued, “And what about the baby?  Wouldn’t it be better if both of his parents were married before he was born?”

“Lots of people have babies and aren’t married.”

“But lots of people aren’t you and Shawn.  You’re going to get married anyway.  Why not do it sooner than later?”

“I will have to wear a maternity wedding gown.”

“So?  You look beautiful pregnant.  You’ll look beautiful in your wedding gown, maternity or not.”

Paul made valid points.  I couldn’t ignore them, and it seemed petty and selfish to let how I looked in a dress be what kept me from making Shawn my husband.  And then, on one of my many doctor’s appointments, Shawn and I found out that we were going to have triplets.


Triplets!  I didn’t know how we were going to cope.  And the worst part of it was, the doctors said that near the end of the pregnancy, I would have to be on bed rest.  I wouldn’t be able to do anything.  Even worse, they warned me that having multiples is risky, and I should be careful to avoid any sort of complication.

I felt as healthy as a horse.  I knew I was humongous especially for so early in the pregnancy, but knowing there were three babies made my rapid increase in size make sense.  I didn’t put a lot of stock in all of the dangers the doctor warned about.

Shawn, on the other hand, became very worried.  He asked me to marry him before the babies came “just in case.”

“Just in case what?” I demanded.  “Do you think something is going to happen to me or the babies?”

“I don’t know, but if something does, I want us to be married.”

So I agreed.  If it would ease Shawn’s mind and make him feel better, I would do anything.  Also, the thought of planning a wedding while raising three babies, scared me.

Chapter 8 (17)

So we started planning the wedding.  It would be at our house, but we’d have a fancy cake and all of our friends and family would be there.  We were going to hire a DJ, but Shawn and Paul wanted to perform with the band, too.

Juliette was also pregnant, so they wouldn’t be performing as much after the babies came.  Also, things with Meili’s husband had gotten bad.  She wasn’t sure if she could stay in the band anymore.

Chapter 8 (12)Chapter 8 (13)

One day, she came over to our house to rehearse, and she had a black eye and a split lip.  Her husband, apparently, had heard rumors about her and Paul, and he’d smacked her around a bit.

Paul was extremely sorry, of course.  He was also furious.  Nothing had been going on between him and Meili, but he wouldn’t stand by and allow her husband to abuse her.


Unbeknownst to Meili, Paul confronted her husband, Rich Harold, at their home while Meili was at work.  Paul had called in and asked for the night off.  Rich swore that he’d never hit Meili before and promised never to do it again, but Paul didn’t believe him.  Rich, an actor, was just a little too dramatic in his denials.  He was also a big coward and would have said anything to keep Paul from punching him the same way as he had punched Meili.  Paul swore that if Rich hit Meili again, he’d help her move from their home and make sure that she left Rich for good.  I just hoped that Rich would listen and that none of this would come back and affect my brother or the band.


The wedding was awesome, despite all the drama with the band.  A lot of my extended family was there.  My dad’s cousin Lynette came, and my aunt Emma and my cousin Johnny from Desert Shores.  My brother Will was also there with his wife.  He told me during the party that he suspected they were pregnant, too.  I was so happy for them!  I also met my cousin Jane, who was Lynette’s niece, her sister Sophia’s daughter.  Finally, Kyle Fields and his brother Jett were also there…they were also my dad’s cousins.  So pretty much it was a Fields family reunion as well as a wedding.  I loved it.


In the end, having the triplets proved not to be as bad as the doctor predicted.  I took care of myself, and what I couldn’t take care of, Shawn gladly handled.  And it seemed like in no time at all , we brought home our three little girls—Virginia the red-head, Sherona the blond, and Rhonda the brunette.


Taking care of three little girls is not easy.  Shawn and I haven’t slept through the night for so long, we don’t even remember what it feels like to be well-rested.  But, thank goodness we had mom’s help.  We didn’t have to do everything by ourselves.


Paul was a help, too, but he wasn’t home much anymore.  He finally convinced Meili to leave her husband, and now the two of them are dating for real.  I’m happy for them both, but I just wish Paul was taking things much slower.  She probably shouldn’t be jumping from a bad relationship right into another…even if it wasn’t a bad one.


After awhile, the girls didn’t demand as much of our time…or we figured out a routine that works for us…and Shawn and I managed to get back into doing the things we love to do.  I decided that I want to sculpt in ice.  Since I wanted to sculpt people, I convinced Shawn to be my first subject.  I’m not exactly sure what he was doing in his pose, but I think the sculpture turned out well.


With a little more time to ourselves, Shawn and I renew our affection.  It seems like forever since I felt as sexy as I did when Shawn and I used to spend most of the days in bed (and out) making love.  It was nice to get a little of that back.  But maybe I should have been a little more cautious.  Because once again I found myself pregnant.


And this time, I wouldn’t have my mom to help me with the babies (yes, I was pregnant with multiples again!)

Mom was giving a martial arts demonstration at the school one evening when she suffered a heart attack.  Luckily it was an adult class and not children, but still, it was quite traumatic.  She was pronounced dead when the paramedics showed up.


I was devastated.  We all were.  Paul and I had to call all of our family and inform them of what happened.  It was so hard to call Will in Desert Shores and tell him Mom was gone!  We arranged a funeral but ended up having to postpone it when I went into premature labor with my twins.


After a few weeks in the hospital, we finally were able to bring the boys home.  We’d ended up renovating Mom’s room for them.  It was a sad homecoming for us, but at least we knew the boys were healthy.  However, I burst into tears when I saw the portrait I had painted of my mom looking down on them.

“At least we know that Mickey and Danny have a guardian angle,” Shawn whispered to me while he held me.  I was weeping uncontrollably.  “She would have loved them as much as the girls.”

“I just wish they could have known her,” I sobbed.


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13 Responses to Kara Fields, Renaissance Sim: Chapter 8

  1. Wow! Triplets and Twins! 😀

    • hrootbeer says:

      I know, right? Before Sun Young died, I would have only had the one boy, but as soon as she was gone, bang…twins!

      The triplets were sort of planned. Shawn has the fertility treatment, but I did nothing else to make Kara have 3. I figured they’d get twins that time because there was no music or book reading. She did interact a lot with Shawn, though, so that’s probably what did it.

  2. Woot! Update! Trips and twins – LoL. At least it wasn’t two sets of trips that’s a bit harder. I busted up laughing when I read Kara was expecting trips. I remember the sleep deprivation my sims went into with trips – NOT FUN! I can’t wait to see how this goes from here H. Loving it thus far with Kara.

  3. tipix says:

    Full house! I hope the two young lovebirds manage without Sun to help out. At least she was there to meet her granddaughters.

  4. StyxLady says:

    Aw, farewell, Sun! That’s so sweet that her portrait is watching over the grandbabies she never got to meet. WOW that’s a lot of kids! I never really expected Shawn and Kara to have so many, for some reason.

    Also, if you’re naming by theme, I think I know what it is this time! Maybe..lol. Those are all names from songs!

    • hrootbeer says:

      Yay! Someone got my naming theme. Sometimes I have a theme, sometimes I don’t. This time I definitely did in honor of the generation to come–music gen!

      As for all of the kids, Shawn is family oriented. However, I didn’t expect to have so many either. But, I did have a reason for having multiples and it is going to be part of the next generation, so I had a master plan 👿 I just didn’t expect it to go this far.

      • hrootbeer says:

        1. My Sherona
        2. Help me Rhonda
        3. Meet Virginia
        4. Oh Micky!
        5. Danny Boy

        I had a lot more trouble coming up with boy names. I was going to use John…for Big Bad John, but I used Johnny for Emma’s son. I still can’t think of any more boy names from songs except maybe Jeremy (Pearl Jam). Crap. I like Jeremy better than Micky! Oh well.

        • StyxLady says:

          Hey, I even guessed all the songs right! XD Sweeet. There’s always Jesse, too, from Jesse’s Girl by Rick Springfield. I’m sure there are more out there I can’t think of at the moment…hehe.

          • hrootbeer says:

            I like Jesse, too, dang it. My husband also pointed out the song “Scottie Doesn’t Know” and I like that name too!

            But there will be NO MORE KIDS….I swear.

  5. audiobebop says:

    Aww, it’s always saddening to see a family member go (I’m dreading the day Cyril kicks the bucket, I’m going to have such a bawlfest and I’ve been saving every 30 minutes in case he kicks the bucket before I’m ready. XD) and especially at such a crucial time, so many children, I hope they can manage them all! 😮

  6. “But there will be NO MORE KIDS….I swear.”

    Haha. You keep telling yourself that. I know you better. You said that a ton of times with the Kendricks. I even remember Gen 6 you said you were done way before Raymund came. LoL.

    • hrootbeer says:

      Yeah, but wasn’t Raymond the best? His parents both rolled the wish and he was the 7th son of a 7th generation. I thought it had awesome potential. Next to Henri, Suzanne, and Deanna/Jayne…I liked Raymond the best.

      • Next to? LOL. I think you have a lot of favorites, my friend. (Granted I have a few myself: Tyler, Phil, Simon) But yea, okay Ray was an amazing heir. If only he was the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, now that would have been amazing.

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