Kindra Fields, Business Woman: Chapter 2

Screenshot-4 Screenshot-30My sister is obsessed by the new vegan chef, Edmund Tragedy.  I think she’s taking things a little too far.  He’s a chubby eco-freak…I don’t know why she finds him so “hot”.  But seriously, she’s been sort of stalking him.  She hangs out at the new restaurant doing her homework in the hopes that she sees him before he goes to work.  She gets all swoony if he actually acknowledges her presence.

Screenshot-21Chef Tragedy was invited to our house again for Sydney’s birthday party.  Dad was one of the few people he knew in Twinbrook outside of the restaurant.  It was disgusting watching Samantha flirting with him.  I couldn’t understand why Dad and Mom weren’t doing something about her unhealthy crush.  At the party I heard them talking about setting up a bicycle club at the school.

“People are wasting fossil fuel on cars,” Sam said.

“It’s criminal how people ignore the environment, Dude,” he enthusiastically agreed.  When he said “dude” I rolled my eyes.

“The school won’t let a student start the eco club without adult supervision,” Sam said.  “Would you be willing to help us, Mr. Tragedy?”  I wanted to get up from the table I was sitting at and slap her.  I could see through her scam to spend time with the new chef.  Why couldn’t he?  Was he a creepy child molester or was he just clueless?

“Sure, dude.  More kids should bike.  It all starts with the young.  We could even stage protests at city hall to get everyone biking.”

“Yeah, that’d be great.  Can we come over to your house and plan the activities for the club?”

I was just about to stand up and pull my stupid sister away from the creepy chef before she practically moved in with him when my mom announced it was time for cake.

Screenshot-25Everyone gathered around to watch Sydney blow out her candles.  I didn’t think Samantha had received an answer to her inappropriate question.  I hoped not.

Screenshot-44Sydney decided to go into farming, like our dad.  I really loved my oldest sister, but I was disappointed that she had settled on such a dull career.  She had never wanted anything more than what our parents had, and I couldn’t understand it.  She could have been so much more.  She could have gone to culinary school or been a science major at the university.  But no, instead she would stay here and help Dad.

Screenshot-28Well it turned out I was wrong about Samantha and her chef.  Ronald and I were doing our homework when he brought up the two of them.

“Did you hear about the new club Sam’s starting?”  He asked.

“The bicycle and recycling one?” I asked.

“Yeah.  That new chef is going to be the sponsor.  The school’s pretty jazzed because they are going to get some media attention and recognition for being environmentally friendly from the City Council.”

“You can’t be serious?” I scoffed.

“Yeah.  They’re holding meetings at Chef Tragedy’s house.  I’ve been thinking about joining.  I know that Kris Drill has joined.  Mina, too, of course.”

Screenshot-34 Screenshot-33 Screenshot-31It was true.  No one seemed to think it was wrong for the kids to be meeting at some strange adult’s house.  Kris Drill, Mina’s boyfriend, was the co-chair of the club along with Samantha.  Those two were most often at the Tragedy house.  Mina went too, but not all the time.  When she didn’t go, Samantha would come home and tell her all about it.  Only she never seemed to say anything that the club was actually doing.  It was always Eddie this and Eddie that.  Samantha had even started using the word “dude” in casual conversation.  I had a hard time not gagging when she did this.

I began to hope that Eddie Tragedy knew what was good for him.  If he wasn’t careful, Samantha would have him married to her as soon as she became an adult!  He wouldn’t even know what had hit him.  He may not be a child molester, but he is clueless.  I almost feel sorry for him.

Screenshot-24 Screenshot-38In the meantime, Samantha wasn’t the only one being a creepy stalker.  Caleb Pincher was seriously beginning to bug me.  He kept calling me, and every time I went to town, I saw him.  He just couldn’t take the hint that I was ignoring him.

Of course, his calls were always seemingly innocent.

“Hey Kindra, I was just calling to see if you had done your science homework.  I’m stuck on the third problem,” he’d say, but I knew it was just an excuse.  He may not have been a genius, but he wasn’t a dummy.  I didn’t believe he needed homework help.

I was shopping at the bookstore, browsing the new logic book by Argyle Sinclair, when in walked Caleb.

“Hey Kindra,” he greeted me.  “Are you getting the new Sinclair book?”

What was I supposed to say?  I had the book in my hand.  “I’m just looking at it,” I said curtly.

“Cool.  Let me know if you are going to buy it.  I work here now.  I can ring you up.”

The boy had mental issues.  He was definitely stalking me.

Screenshot-50Apparently, while I was trying to avoid Caleb and Sam was getting overly friendly with her portly chef, things were getting serious with Sydney and Calvin.  Now that they were both adults, they were actually going steady.

Calvin had taken a job at the fire station.  He felt guilty for working so much, so he invited Sydney over for a tour.  He even let her go down the pole and push the button the the fire truck that made the siren go off.

Screenshot-51He showed her the whole building, introduced her to all of the other firemen, and then took her out back to where there was a small picnic area.  That’s where he proposed to her.  Sydney told the story to our mother and father over breakfast the next day.

“It was so romantic, Mom!” she gushed over her pancakes.  “I am getting married!” she practically screeched.  Mom also screeched and the proceeded to jump around the kitchen like idiots.

Screenshot-56 Screenshot-57But before Sydney did get married, Mina and Samantha had their birthday.  Mina aged exactly how I expected her to.  She still looks a lot like Dad, but he says that apart from her hair, she looks just like his mother.  She decided on a career in education.  She really wants to travel, but since her boyfriend Kristofer Drill has decided to go to medical school and become a doctor, she has to wait.

Once Kristofer is done, he plans to join Doctors Without Borders, and then he and Mina both will travel all over.  She will help educate the people that he goes to help heal.

Samantha aged up even more determined than ever.  She found herself a loud argyle sweater.  She said that since Eddie liked bright things, she’d wear that.  It almost hurt my eyes to look at the two of them.

Screenshot-58 Screenshot-59After all the cake was eaten, Sam wasted no time in approaching Chef Tragedy.

“Thanks for coming to my party,” she flirted.  “I have decided to go to culinary school and become a chef just like you.”

I wanted to vomit.  What lengths would she go to to get this guy?

“Dude, that’s so awesome!” Eddie said.  “Are you going to become a vegan, too?”  Sam nodded.  She’d become a vegan right after the two of them had met and she found out that he was working at a vegan restaurant.

“Being a vegan is harder than I thought,” said Sam and Eddie nodded in agreement.

“It get’s easier,” he said.  “You’ll learn a lot when you work at the restaurant.”

“I hope so.  I start there tomorrow as a spice runner.”

Screenshot-60I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  I had no idea that Samantha wanted to be a chef.  She was always painting.  I thought for sure she’d want to be an artist.  I knew she always used eco-friendly paints and was always painting pictures of how the world would be if pollution was allowed to continue unchecked.  In her own artistic way, she did her part to support the environment.

Hearing Samantha say she was going to be a chef just so that she could work near Edmund Tragedy, I made a vow to myself.  I would never let myself let go of my dreams just so that I could be with a man.  Never.

Screenshot-77 Screenshot-76If I had to get married, I’d rather do it the way that Mina did.  Kris came over one evening when he had time off from his residency.  He got down on one knee and proposed.  Then, because his schedule is so hectic as an intern, he and Mina jumped in the car and headed to City Hall.  There they were married by a Justice of the Peace.  Mom and Dad were disappointed that Mina and Kris hadn’t invited the whole family to at least witness the ceremony, but they understood.  Now Mina and Kris live in a small rental house near the hospital.  Mina continues to teach and the two of them are always making plans to travel once Kris is a real doctor.

Screenshot-65 Screenshot-66Eddie Tragedy, on the other hand, proved more difficult to capture than Samantha had expected.  He was a pretty confirmed bachelor, she told me.  She described his little log cabin house as being filthy with dirty dishes and old laundry everywhere.  Yuck.  If I were her, I’d take one look at the mess and walk away from the dude.

Instead, Samantha said they did the dishes together and flirted the whole time.  Eventually she had to take matters in her own hands in the romantic department, too.  She was the one who first kissed him.

Screenshot-68She’s also the one who asked him out on a date.  They had a pathetic first date, if you ask me.  They went to the restaurant where they were both employed and ate outside before they had to work.  I couldn’t think of a less romantic dinner together, but Samantha didn’t seem to see a problem with it.

Screenshot-121 Screenshot-120 Screenshot-116As Sydney’s wedding approached, Samantha managed to break down all of Eddie’s resistance.  He declared himself madly in love with her and the two of them also headed to City Hall to get married.  Samantha moved right into the log cabin house with Eddie determined to keep it neat and tidy until they start having babies.  They’d have to move to a bigger place at that point.

Screenshot-93Finally, Sydney’s big day arrived.  Dad tried to talk her out of getting married.  I don’t know what his problem was.  He loved Calvin.  And Calvin agreed to move into our house so that Sydney could keep helping dad on the farm.  Dad’s crazy.  He doesn’t want any of us to get older.  You’d think he’d be thrilled that we were all well-adjusted and successful.

Screenshot-98The ceremony was held at the Glory Retreat Wedding Chapel.  Mom and Dad spent a lot of money on it.  I suppose it was a good thing that my other two sisters had eloped.  If they had wanted a lavish wedding, it wouldn’t have been possible.  As it was, what little surplus Dad and Syd had managed to get out of the farm was now gone.  Once again we were practically paupers.  I bet Calvin wasn’t expecting that when he agreed to move in with us.

Screenshot-105A lot of our family friends showed up for the wedding.  Caleb Pincher was there as well as Ronald’s other friend, Alana Ball.  They were all musically inclined, like Ronald.  I heard them discussing a band they wanted to put together.  I wished Ronald the best (even if he was forming a band with Caleb), but I suspected Dad wouldn’t be too happy with my brother’s career aspirations.  Dad still has some old-fashioned idea that Ronald should inherit the farm because he’s the only son.

Screenshot-95Right now, Ronald is safe from Dad’s wrath because Dad thinks that music is just a hobby.  If Ronald does start a band with his friends, I think Dad will go ballistic.  Perhaps it will take Dad’s focus off of me.  What no one knows is that I’ve decided to go out and get a part time job.

Dad doesn’t think it’s a good idea for teenagers to work, but with our funds so low, I think everyone should contribute.  He probably thinks helping out in the fields is work enough, but I disagree.  I have no interest in gardening.  I want to work in business.

Screenshot-37That’s why I applied at the bookstore.  I know that Caleb Pincher works there, but I don’t have to befriend him even if we are colleagues.  Working at the bookstore will allow me to learn how to handle money, check and stock merchandise and deal with customers.  It is the perfect job for me.

Author’s Notes:

  1. I hope everyone enjoyed the addition of Edmund Tragedy into my story.  You can read about the Tragedy’s at Orangeplumbob’s blog, The Tragedies, a Family Legacy.  If you have never read her story, I encourage you to start at the beginning.  You’ll discover that Edmund is one of the oddest Tragedies, unlike all of his siblings, cousins, and ancestors.  That’s why I always liked him and wanted to bring him over to Twinbrook to marry Samantha.
  2. The Glory Wedding Retreat was the site for Sydney’s wedding.  It was made by Liz865.  I stumbled upon her lot when I was searching for wedding venues.  I have the Romanza Reception set from the store, which is necessary for this download.  I probably could have built my own lot, but I didn’t want to take the time.  I doubt Liz is reading this, but I thank her anyway.  If you liked it, visit her page and recommend it.
  3. I have one more update planned before the Late Night Expansion comes out.  My intention is for Kindra to move to Bridgeport where she will become a celebrity millionaire like Donald Trump…or something like that.  If you couldn’t also tell, I have plans for Ronald, Caleb, and Alana as well.  So, I’ll post one update next week and then take a break until the end of the month.  I can’t tell you how excited the next expansion has me!

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15 Responses to Kindra Fields, Business Woman: Chapter 2

  1. tipix7 says:

    I love that you’re incorporating the new expansion into your story already!

    Great character development in this chapter, I love Kindra’s ambitious nature – although I feel rather sorry for Caleb. I trust he’s going to figure largely in her future?

    • hrootbeer says:

      Oh yeah…don’t you think she ‘protesteth’ too much? LOL.

      Poor Caleb. If all goes according to my plan, he’s going to go through some tough times.

      As far as the expansion goes, don’t you think it’s just tailor made for both the business generation and the music generation? I will probably use it for both.

  2. Morbid_Mew says:

    Excellent job portraying Kindra’s point of view. I absolutely love how she thinks everything and everyone is just… beneath her. She has a very realistic, snobbish way of thinking that makes her easy to relate with, even if it’s to dislike her :p

    And thanks for linking the Tragedy family! I’d started reading them once upon a time and then never found the link again 😮

  3. styxlady says:

    I’ll have to add the Tragedies to my list of stories to check out when I can! I love Eddie and Samantha together.

    Kindra really is snobby, but I don’t dislike her. I’m excited to see what happens to her life in Bridgeport!

  4. nalaowl22 says:

    Hello! I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying your legacy. I love how different Kindra is from her father – it really keeps your story fresh. Late Night is going to be a fabulous addition!

    • hrootbeer says:

      Thank you. I hope LN does everything that I think it’s going to do.

      I’m glad you like the freshness of the perspective change. It is one of the best things about a DitFT challenge. Usernamefound, who came up with the idea, should be awarded a medal from the Town Hall 🙂

  5. DUUUUUDE! You totally made my day! I am on the floor, busting up at the seams. Thanks for the shout out on the Author’s notes. I am saving pics like crazy. I have one more chapter before the phone call! I love Samantha, I think she’s amazingly perfect for Eddie. He was and always will be the oddest ball that came out of the Tragedy’s. (All traits rolled, being as he was an oops and the heir was already picked by the time he came along).

    Oh and I love, LOVE Kindra! I can’t wait to see her go off into the business world and really get on Les’ nerves.

    • hrootbeer says:

      I’m glad you like Samantha and Eddie. I hope they have copious amounts of children.

      I used Twallan’s mod to prevent Mina and Kris from conceiving (I need them for the traveling generation), but I want Samantha and Eddie to produce like rabbits 🙂 I might cheat them some kiddies if they don’t get right on it.

      I’ve got to give Kindra a reason to continue to talk about the two of them 🙂

  6. audiobebop says:

    Wow, Calvin really does look rather…I guess the word is manly? I’ve never actually seen anyone at the fire station in my games (considering my Sims are never unlucky enough to have fires).

    And Eddie is…well, definitely an oddball. I have to shield my eyes when I look at him because that shirt is just TOO ridiculous. If HE’S the odd-one-out in the Tragedy’s, I wonder what the rest of them look like! 😮

    And I’m really excited about the new expansion as well! I know a friend at school who has all the expansions, so I’m hoping she’ll let me borrow hers so I can install it~

    • hrootbeer says:

      I definitely recommend both Ambitions and hopefully the next one (Ambitions is why you can see in the fire station).

      Most of the Tragedies are pretty normal, if a bit on the easily angered side. Tyler Tragedy was one of my favorites, though I am enjoying Phil, the current head of the household. If you read the story, you’ll be able to tell why Eddie is so odd for a Tragedy 🙂

      • Normal? The Tragedy’s normal? I have never considered them that. LoL. Tyler Tragedy was my favorite as well. Philippe is fun too. I actually think he’s the most gorgeous of the heirs. 🙂 As for babies, please keep me posted, OMG I want to see those Tragedy and Fields genes in action. Lets just hope his kids don’t get that anger gene. LoL.

        • hrootbeer says:

          Ok, I just went back and re-read a little of Gen. 2 and the early part of Gen. 3. Eddie might be the only “normal” one 😉 He’s definitely the most laid back. I hope Sam and Eddie don’t produce a grumpy, evil, insane, eco-friendly, artistic child. That’d be bad but I’m not sure in exactly what way. How can you be evil for the environment?

          • Oooh don’t temp me with those traits, I could totally play off a story with an evil wacco Tragedy who’s all about supporting the environment. Yes Eddie is the most normal of all the Tragedy’s. He’s more like Lana before she had Tyler, sweet and innocent. Tyler corrupted the entire family.

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  8. zoxell says:

    Heh, Kindra seems so caught up in critiquing her siblings, that it seem she’s forgetting to get on with her own life, lol!

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