Kindra Fields, Business Woman: Chapter 1


Ever since Mom got Dad to stop being such a tyrant about the computer, I take a sort of perverse delight in using it when my dad is in the room.  All he can do is grit his teeth and deal with it since he gave in.  If it had been me, I wouldn’t have given in.  I mean, I know I’ve benefitted from the compromise, but I would have stood my ground if I’d been Dad.

Of course he’s totally archaic thinking that computers are the devil.  I’m no computer whiz, but computers are a part of the 21st century way of life.  Dad needs to stop living in the past.  Would it hurt us if we had a TV in our house—a high tech radio?  Would it be so bad if each of us had our own computers for school and other things?

Dad says it’s all about money, but I know that’s a crock.  He just hates technology.

Screenshot-64 Screenshot-122

We all have our little rebellions against our dad’s rules about technology.  I happen to know that Sydney and the others have been going to the Red Rooster Hangout, and they’re not just playing foosball with their friends.  I overheard Sydney saying that she spent most of one Saturday watching the cooking channel.

Samantha has started hanging out with Quentin Drudge.  He’s the son of our mom’s friend Eva.  The older girls have known him forever.  Sam says she doesn’t have any romantic interest in Quentin.  He’s cute, she says, but he’s kind of dumb.  Also he wants to join the military and that offends Sam’s environmental conscious for some reason.  (Maybe because the military wears leather boots and eats meat?  I don’t know.)  Anyway, Samantha goes over to Quentin’s house to watch the gardening channel and the romance channel.  She’s leading poor Quentin on and he doesn’t even realize it.

Screenshot-123Mina’s rebellion has nothing to do with technology, actually.  Nope.  She’s been sneaking out to be with her boyfriend, Kristofer Drill.  Dad doesn’t know that they are more than just friends, but I listen and I overheard her telling Samantha about her first kiss and about him asking her to go steady.

What Dad doesn’t know won’t hurt him, I suppose.  After all, Dad did sort of go ballistic over Sydney and Calvin kissing at my birthday party.  Those two aren’t even dating.  Calvin is too uptight to ask her out.  He says they’re not old enough to go steady.  He wants to wait until they’re older.

Now Dad thinks Calvin’s a saint.  Their old fashioned values are the same anyway.

Screenshot-128I often feel like an outcast in my family.  If I didn’t look so much like Mom, I’d suspect I was adopted.  They all like to be outside.  They all like to play silly games like tag or jumping through the sprinklers.  Even Mom, who I know is childish, but at least she has some modern sensibilities, likes to indulge in these antics.  I just don’t get it.  I’ve never understood what is so fun about frolicking in cold sprinkler water.

Screenshot-142 Screenshot-129

Another thing I don’t understand is why Mom and Dad had to keep having babies when their older children were already teens.  I liked my brother pretty well.  Ronald is a goofy sort of kid, but likable.  My little sister, on the other hand…GAH!  Maybe if I didn’t have to sleep in the same room as her I would like her more.  If she isn’t crying then she’s stinking up the room with her diapers and potty.

I’ve tried to talk to Dad about how much having her in the room with me and Sydney is a distraction, but he just doesn’t get it.

“Kindra,” he always says in a patronizing way, “she’s your little sister.  We don’t have the money for a new room and yours is the largest.”

“But Dad,” I tried to make him see my point, “I can’t ever get any work done in my room.  If I want a quiet place to read or do homework, I have to go to the library!”

“She won’t be a baby for long, Kindra,” Dad said.  “And what’s so bad about going to the library?”

I just couldn’t win.

Screenshot-144I did win one argument, though.  I convinced Dad that we needed a car.  With us girls all being at high school, I figured we all needed to learn how to drive.

Dad used the money excuse a lot when we’d beg for a car, but with the help of the other girls, the farm was finally paying off.  I also got a huge monetary compensation for the latest advanced math problem I’d solved.  Since we had some extra income, Dad couldn’t argue that we couldn’t afford a car.

I just hadn’t counted on the type of car we could afford.  It was an embarrassment to automobiles.  I really hate being poor!

Screenshot-148I think I started a trend when I begged to have my birthday at a location other than our house.   I wish I hadn’t, though.  I liked being the unique one.   But once I got them to see past the back yard, Dad and Mom decided to have Melinda’s party somewhere else, too.  We went to the park.


It was a boring party.  There was nothing to do.  Mina and Samantha hung out together on the swings.  There weren’t three, so I couldn’t hang with them (even if I wanted to).


Ronald and his friend Antoine convinced Sydney to play tag with them.  Antoine is Ronald’s new best friend since Caleb Pincher is now a teen.  I was happy about this.  Screenshot-91 Caleb had been a complete jerk at my birthday party.  I was still snubbing him at school for how he treated me then.  He had tried to be my friend since we were both in high school, but I refused to give him the time of day.

Screenshot-150 Screenshot-152Anyway, Melinda aged up into a female version of Dad.  She joined Antoine and Ronald at the tag game.  I had finally convinced Mina to play chess with me and Sydney and Sam were talking about something.  Mom and Dad were off preparing our meal.


Which we had to eat outside…yuck.  Also, it was veggie burgers, which is something I just don’t understand.  I don’t tell my mom, but I hate vegetarian food.  It tastes like dirt or cardboard.  I want a real hamburger!

Screenshot-155When we got home from the park, I pulled Melinda aside.  I figured I better lay some ground rules about our room since we would still be sharing.

“Now, sometimes I like to read in bed, so no playing with loud toys in the room,” I warned her.  “Also, make your bed and clean up your laundry.  I won’t be your maid.”

Melinda got quite upset about that.  She actually accused me of being more messy than she was.  She said I almost never made my own bed.  I had to admit, at least to myself, that she was right.  Usually Sydney made our beds and picked up the laundry.  But I refused to acknowledge that fact to my annoying little sister.


Melinda must have listened to me because she actually proved to be a decent roommate now that she was older.  She was both quiet and neat.  I didn’t want to like her, but I couldn’t find any fault in her either.  She was nice and helpful.  I think those qualities made me dislike her even more.


Or maybe it was just the fact that she seemed to fit in better than I ever did.  She and Dad and Ronald enjoyed fishing together.  Dad had never taken me fishing.  Not that I ever expressed interest in wanting to go, but still…

Screenshot-112 Screenshot-160

And Ronald used to spend more time with me.  We were pretty good friends since we were close in age.  Now, however, he was spending a lot more time with Melinda.  I don’t want to be the jealous type, but I missed being the one that Ronald talked to all the time.  All of our older siblings weren’t that interested in him, so it had always been him and me.


Since I’d lost the only sibling who was my friend, I actually made the effort to get to know my sisters better.  I had only really connected with Sydney before and only because we shared a room.  Now I was able to spend time with Mina and Samantha, too.

None of them liked to drive as much as I did, so they always let me do it.  I liked being able to do something they couldn’t or didn’t want to.


We spent time together at the Community Gym as well as the Red Rooster Hangout.  I don’t know that we particularly loved working out, but I know we all liked getting away from home.

Screenshot-9 Screenshot-7

I was still fairly mad that my brother had stopped hanging out with me when his birthday rolled around.  I refused to have a good time at his party.  Unlike me, he decided he wanted to have it at home, which of course made Mom and Dad happy since it saved them money.  Mom, Dad, Melinda, Sydney, and half of the teens and children at our school cheered for my brother’s transition.  I did my homework instead.

Screenshot-8 Screenshot-11

Ronald aged into a total nerd.  Well, not a nerd in the super-brain sense that I had to admit that I was.  He just looked like a nerd with his glasses and hair that wouldn’t lie flat.  He talked to Caleb Pincher at his party and the two of them became best friends again.


I had to talk to Caleb, too.  He came up to me and let me know that we had computer class together.  Duh.  I wasn’t blind.  I’d seen him and had been steadfastly ignoring him.

“Oh, are you in my computer class?” I asked innocently.  “I love that class.  I guess I get so focused that I didn’t notice you.”

“Yeah,” said Caleb, “I love the class, too.  It’s my favorite.”  He went on to talk in detail about how much he loves computers.  The conversation got pretty technical.  He really did love computers.  I was secretly impressed that he knew so much.  His mother was Penny Pincher.  She didn’t have that great of a reputation in town.  Who would have thought her son would be a computer whiz?

“Well, I have to do my science homework,” I said when I realized I’d been holding a conversation with Caleb for the last 10 minutes.  I was still supposed to be ignoring him.

“Yeah, well I’ll see you in computers Kindra,” he said.  “I guess Ronald will be blowing out his candles soon.  I can’t wait until he’s at the high school with us.”

“Yeah, see you.”


The same night as Ronald’s birthday, Dad became an elder.  He hadn’t wanted to interrupt Ronald’s night, so he had his birthday in the kitchen.  Mom and Mina were there to see him transition.


By the time Dad aged, most of the guests were gone.  One that had stayed was a strange sort of guy.  He had brought a guitar and was entertaining the remaining guests with it.  Apparently he was new in town.  Dad had met him at the new Vegan restaurant.  The guy’s name was Eddie Tragedy.  He was the new chef.

Screenshot-14 Screenshot-15

Dad introduced him to all of us.  I wasn’t that impressed with him even though I sort of liked his shirt.  Samantha, on the other hand, seemed stunned by him.  He was a vegetarian and an eco-friendly freak like she was.  They hit it off and talked about the environment and recycling all night.

What a bore.


The best I can say about Chef Tragedy was that he had interesting taste in shirts and he wasn’t half bad at the guitar.  I don’t know why Sam was so infatuated with him.

Actually, I don’t know what any of my sisters saw in the boys they liked (not that Eddie Tragedy was a boy…in fact, that just made Sam’s infatuation even worse).


As for Mina and Kris and Sydney and Calvin, I just wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about.  So they’d hang out at the Red Rooster.  So what?  Both of those boys (and Eddie, too) were just so dull!  They never did anything exciting.

Screenshot-174 Screenshot-175

Only one boy at school seemed that exciting to me.  His name was Davis Knack.  He wanted to be a chess champion.  I admired his genius at chess.  He was in Sydney’s grade, but I took a lot of advanced classes and he was in them, too.  We often did homework together.

Not many people liked Davis.  I know that Caleb Pincher didn’t.  But I didn’t care.  The only problem was that Davis didn’t see me as anything more than Sydney’s little sister.  I didn’t know that the two of them had sort of dated when I was younger.

Maybe it was a good thing I didn’t know.  Davis became an adult soon after I realized I had a crush on him.  He started dating an older woman around town.  I realized that I had been foolish in liking him.


I’d be better off focusing on what I really wanted instead of pining away for some silly boy.  I was invited to work at the Doo Peas Corporate building downtown.  I loved it.  As soon as I walked in the doors I knew what I wanted to do.  Someday I would be the CEO of a mega corporation.


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17 Responses to Kindra Fields, Business Woman: Chapter 1

  1. tipix7 says:

    Oh, I adored the personality switch! Kindra really is the odd one out, it was such fun to read after a generation of her father’s ideals. Looking forward to see what becomes of her.

    • hrootbeer says:

      I liked Les, but he was a bit of a fuddy duddy. I’m hoping to do justice by Kindra. I’m thinking a little bit Sigorni from Working Girl and a little bit Helen Slater from Secret of My Success.

  2. ROFLMAO!!! Okay I have a very soft spot for Eddie, I am going to miss him (lol), and he’s not that dull, he says “Dude!” Okay maybe he kinda is dull. FYI I saved one of your pics, lol. I have to admit Eddie does know how to dress, love the tshirt by the way. Okay okay, so I am LOVING this. I busted up laughing so hard when you introduce a Tragedy. God now I want to go play, but its late and I’m tired. Tomorrow, yea tomorrow. (Send me some pics soon!) Oh and I am loving the new heir and the transition. Just don’t forget “he’s the dude.”

    • hrootbeer says:

      I won’t forget. He hasn’t been around much and Kindra is extremely self-absorbed (like most teenagers who feel they are being unfairly treated…hey, that’s all teens…jk).

  3. Oh BTW could you at some point get one pic of Eddie on the phone for me and send it to me via boolprop or email me at thanks!

  4. styxlady says:

    You did really well switching over to the second generation. The POV switch is always a little tricky, but you managed to make it very smooth and enjoyable! Kindra, like most of the heirs/heiresses of the business generation, is very self-absorbed and materialistic. It makes it a little harder to like her, but one can definitely understand why she would be that way coming from her background. And even though she is that way, I still like her. She’s spunky! I can’t wait to see what happens in her life.

    • hrootbeer says:

      Don’t you just love the way she was annoyed that her dad gave in on a rule even though his caving in helped her get her way? When I was writing that part, I couldn’t help but think that in a similar situation she would have remained steadfast in her opinion no matter who was trying to compromise with her. And in that picture, she’s sort of smirking. I just know she’s like a lot of teens who purposely push buttons just to see your reaction.

  5. carebear728 says:

    I like what a different personality Kindra has. Their poor dad seems so archaic and behind in the times

  6. audiobebop says:

    Tee-hee, Penny Pincher, I found that name to be hilarious. Is she tight with money? And I really do like Caleb, for some reason. Perhaps it’s because we both share fascinations with computers and technology? Either way, he seems like a pretty okay guy~

    I do like the transition you made into the second generation though! 😀 I’m glad to see you didn’t completely leave out Les in the update, though I do find Kindra’s personality to be a bit…annoying. She seems extremely opinionated and arrogant and I get the whole “only-my-view-is-right” kind of vibe from her.

    I’m hoping someone will help bring her down to Earth…

    • hrootbeer says:

      If you feel that way about Kindra then I have succeeded with her personality. Yay! She’s a strait-out b*tch who is only going to get worse before she gets better. I do have plans for someone to mellow her out, though 😉

      As for poor Penny Pincher, Twinbrook is just full of awesome names and personalities. Penny Pincher, Alma Drill and Preston Sargeant (both in the military), Goodwin Goode, who is good…obviously…and Sinbad Rotter (my personal favorite). There are more, but I can’t remember them all.

      Add the names in with all of the odd facial genetics and Twinbrook is an interesting place. My personal favorite Sim is probably the Pizza girl, Mozzy…and there’s also Bunny Curious. Twinbrook rocks. I hope Bridgeport is equally rich in personality and looks.

      I’m glad you liked seeing Les in this update. He’s going to be pretty prominent in the next one, I think. (I have to give Kindra a reason to leave home, after all). Actually, Les and Kindra share a lot of the same traits. In a lot of ways, I think they are alike. Les was a bit arrogant, too, before Dilly and the kids. Even later, he’s pretty set in his ways. That’s why he and Kindra clash so much.

      My goal, and I hope I can achieve it, is for Kindra to find peace and redemption in the end. She needs to learn there is more to life than money, power, and business.

  7. FortA says:

    I finally got around to Generation 2! I loved the change in viewpoints – you did it seamlessly – and I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with Kindra.

    I loved that you’re able to update so often these days. I don’t know what it is about the DitFT challenge, but it seems updates come easier than for a regular legacy (at least to me).

    Kindra’s personality is certainly unique, and I think she’s going to be perfect for the business career. She’s brilliant, a tad manipulative…I only wish she would trust people more. It seems like she fears they’re all out to get her – and when she gets too close to them, she backs away.

  8. Pingback: The Mistake « Tragedy: A Family's Legacy

  9. zoxell says:

    Heh, you did a really good job switching gears between Les and Kindra. She’s got a very chatty personality, so far. It’s neat how you pepper the dialog with her little pet peeves. The hamburger comment was a riot. I also laughed at the exchange between Kindra and Caleb. The poor kid looked traumatized!

  10. Layla Sims says:

    Oh you succeeded in drawing out Kindra’s personality alright! I found her to be so obnoxious it was hard for me to stick with reading her. Lemme see, she’s self-centered, looks down on her poor family (and everyone else for that matter) and everything has to be her own way. Yup, she’s a teenager on steroids. And I have a feeling that she’s not going to be much easier to get along with once she becomes a Young Adult. I am guessing that her traits are: Hates the Outdoors, Snob, Genius, and Grumpy. All she is missing is Hates Children. You did a masterful job of portraying the new Heir(ess) and her caustic point of view. Now to get back to reading more of her! LOL

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